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Corporate & learning

An engaged crew who work as a unit and deliver as a team is the key to great success. Get up close to watch and learn from the mindset of motorsport champions, igniting the passion in your workforce or giving you the tools you need to pursue your own unique goals
The moment money becomes your main motivation you are immediately not as good as someone who is stimulated by passion
Sebastian VettelFour-time F1 world champion

The World of Top-Level Motorsport can be highly secretive when it comes to understanding how teams unlock people performance to win races and championships.

However, Ignition are here to offer driven individuals and companies from any industry a unique inside track, taking lessons in leadership, teamwork and performance from experts across the sport and shaping these into effective strategies for achieving winning results

Open Courses

Join ignition as they interview and work with drivers, team performance coaches and inspirational figures across the motorsport world. Understand what truly makes the difference between success and failure on the tracks and how you can achieve your own personal and professional goals.

The Mindset of Champions
Ignition Human Performance and Motorsport Tickets are proud to bring together two “World Champion charities” Race Against Dementia and halow project, for a one-off special virtual event on Tuesday 3rd February 2021 at 7.30pm – “The Mindset of Champions: an evening with Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Damon Hill OBE”. Join us as two of the biggest names in British Motorsport, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Damon Hill OBE sit down (virtually) with Ignition co-founder Nick Butcher, to talk about what it takes to become a Formula One World Champion. A feat achieved by only 32 people. They’ll discuss a range of topics such as leadership, teamwork, achieving a winning mentality and their championship battles. The pair will also reflect on the memories between the Hill and Stewart families over the years, as well as how they started their two charities, Race Against Dementia (Sir Jackie Stewart) and halow project (Damon Hill).
How to Prepare Like a Champion
Simon Reynolds, previous McLaren driver performance coach and director of Formula to Perform joins Nick Butcher to re-visit, analyse and explain key moments from Sir Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill’s discussions to demonstrate how this can link to viewers own preparation and planning for high-performance.

Bespoke Courses

Build high-performance teams and effective leaders by getting behind the pit wall, on a fully immersive learning experience tailored to the needs of your business.

Bespoke development programmes can be delivered online (E-Ignition) or at Motorsport venues such as Team HQ’s and circuits. Involve guest speakers in the form of drivers and coaches who have first-hand experience putting theory into practise to take the win.

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Corporate hospitality

Company away days are an excellent opportunity to boost team morale and bonding, allowing your team to connect outside of the workplace and learn to communicate better with each other.

There’s nowhere better to get the adrenaline pumping than at a motorsport event, where the impacts of hard work and expert precision can be seen up close in the team who take the victory.

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