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18 20 Sep.
Turn 1

F1 Singapur 2020Turn 1

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The pivotal point where sheer manoeuvring and precision skills matter, witness the drama as drivers jostle for the best position at Sheares (Turn 1) during the start of the race. Expect to see intense braking by F1 cars as they dramatically decelerate from speeds of up to 290km/h to go into the first corner after speeding down the Pit Straight.

In 2017, Max Verstappen’s Red Bull was caught between the Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen, taking his and Räikkönen’s car out instantly, while Vettel spun out seconds later.

You will have access to Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.


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View of Turn 1

View of Turn 1


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Steve shepherd

24 Sep. 2019


Awesome weekend

Amazing experience . Having been to a few European Grand Prix this is levels above. Fantastic event all round. Only downside was slow opening of track for fans to go down to podium. All finished long before and meant from turn 1 did not reach concert until half way through each night. Exiting circuit also chaotic but with over 250000 people not easy. Lovely people in Singapore . Food and drink very expensive


15 Nov. 2017


Great track and atmosphere

2nd year in a row at the SIngapore F1 and I highly reccomend it. Such a great track and weekend. Party atmosphere due to the combo of night race and street race.


01 Okt. 2017


Fantastic race weekend

For a complete race and party weekend this has got to be up there with the best. Unfortunate but understandable that the events after practice, qualifying and the race had to finish at midnight as there were quite a few party goers willing to continue. A little difficult at times getting around the track to the different zones due to access / closures etc but it was manageable. If you want to take in some site seeing whilst you are here I would suggest going at a different time or staying after the race for a while as it will be easier to get around and get to areas you want to.

Denis J Fountain

26 Sep. 2017


Exceptional First time experience

Plenty to review and see good because you cannot sit in the seats for more than 40mins. No leg room and when others want to [pass its a nightmare.


22 Sep. 2017


Great Fun, Superb Organisation

you receive your pass 2 weeks prior to the race, with a map and instructians. On the race day everything is perfectly organized, just the wait at the merchandize and food stands is quite long.


21 Sep. 2017


Great race... services could improve

It was a great race and overall well organized. Some of the services were poor. It rained all afternoon and more rain expected during the race. Ponchos were on sale at basically ONE location in the entire section and the line was at least 100 meters. Some food stands ran out of food and/or condiments before the race even started.

Tony Hammond

20 Sep. 2017


Absolutely brilliant !!!

Having just returned home from a fabulous week in Singapore we can honestly say this was the best of the three times we have attended the F1. Obviously no one can control the weather, but that even contributed to what we think was the best race seen at Singapore ( Lewis fans of course !! ) We also think the re-positioning of the Padang stage was a big improvement. Our only issue was the change of date for the venue. we had to to pay additional costs for both hotel and flights. We appreciate dates are provisional but neither parties were sympathetic to our cause

Paris Hayman

19 Sep. 2017


Upset, ur staff did not let us see race

The race was amazing on Tv which I could of got general admission due to the staff directing us to the wrong seats for the entire practice, qualifying and parade and then kicking us out of the seats we were given prior to race time, then we got sent to new seats but people were in them and wouldn't move, neither staff or any f1 contractors or employees would helps us move the other people. I cried and had an emotional day on race day with watching from the Tv in gate 1 stage as no one would help us as they all said people were in our seats and your booking must have been double booked or priority people were in your seats!!!! I spent over 12k to get to Singapore and tickets so I could take my parents for their last f1 Grand Prix to the event and we got no seats for race day before retirement. I request a redemption as this was appalling!!!!! I have decided to buy Melbourne F1 tickets again for turn 1 next year 2018 to ensure book does the right thing and credits us this race with the Melbourne with amazing seats as we couldn't even see the race from our seats as they were taken. I flew my parents and husband on my bday to Singapore just to see this race and we didn't get too!!!!???? Just by to in the food area, no seats at all!!!! This hasn't happen in like 8 years I have booked with u. II'm so unhappy with the recruited staff of Singapore f1 and that book f1 or just the staff at Singapore f1 didn't give me my allocated seats. To be kicked from the grandstand prior to race in drivers parade was disgusting and so emotional. I just got back from Singapore today and so upset, I want to take my mum and dad for their last Grand Prix next year but scared to go overseas for another bill and wasted expenses for no seats for the actual race!!!! Please allocate us minimum 4 tickets to the value of the Singapore Grand Prix race day turn one which is also Melbourne is less expensive but I get to take my parents for their last Grand Prix race which they have experience it's me for 8 years. I look forward to your response over the next 7 days. I'm so upset. That whole way there without a seat for the race, I'm thinking we should of got general admission ???????? Please help (after all these years) I want to give my parents a seated grab Prix for their last race before retirement

Martin Winfield

21 Sep. 2016



You need to know it's very humid walking around the track. When booking now I know on turn 1 there is A1, A2, A3, I would like to able to book exact seats, you may b able to do this but I don't know how if you can. I sat in A1 but would have preferred A2 or A3 so as to get a view of cars coming down straight. As I say you may b able to but it seems to me that you can only book blocks.


23 Okt. 2015


SG50 - Singapore F1- a must see event

Impressed with the organisational approach and crowd control the host nation shown. Also impressive was the line of entertainment through out the weekend. I was lucky enough to attend Nico Rosberg's presentation at Suntec mall prior to the race and take the pre-requisite selfie.. Turn1 grandstand is very close to the F1 Village performances but a long walk from "The Padang" stage where the main event takes place (Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi) for the evening entertainment. Plenty of food and drinks. Be prepared to pay £11 for a glass (paper mug) of beer. If you want cheap beer head to Chinatown. Stewarts/volunteers did an exceptional job throughout the weekend assisting the crowds and making sure entering and exiting the grounds passed without an incident. Clarke Quay is a good night spot with some good hotels around like Park hotel. Singapore itself with its shopping malls, night life and restaurants and other attractions offers itself to all visitors. I will be back!!!


19 Okt. 2015


Singapore complete with the F1 is a great place to be

No matter what your thoughts are on the state of F1, Singapore c/w the Grand Prix is a great weekend. We had Grandstand seats in Block A7 row12. These were good seats, with view of the start, pit lane exit, and a turns 1,2,& 3. Row 12 is high enough to see over the safety fence rather than having to look through it. Singapore is not an inexpensive place but they do put on a show, the race, concerts and fireworks make for a great race day.

Andy A

29 Sep. 2015


Singapore Grand Prix Tickets

This was an excellent, vibrant event. The buzz around the circuit was extremely enjoyable and the entertainment was exceptional; pity Lewis didn't finish. Access all areas is definitely the way to go.


28 Sep. 2015


Singapore GP

One of the best GP to go to, great circuit no problems getting to and from using MRT and even walkable. The possible down side is if don't like heat/humidity could be a problem. Need to take umbrella/waterproofs if rain forecast as boy can it rain


22 Sep. 2015


Generally good -only let down by arrangements to leave the circuit after the race.

Facilities and organisation generally very good. Racing including support races was good to watch and turn 1 seemed a good place to view the Grand Prix. Turns 1,2&3 action and pit exit all visible. Also good viewing points around the circuit if prepared to walk. Good entertainment as well. Only downside was at the end of the race everyone was funnelled onto the circuit in front of the pits whether you wanted to be or not! We would have preferred to exit via the normal direct route. Having walked a good half mile further in heavy crowds, we then met some people from our stand coming the other way - they had opened the direct route later on! Having sat around in the heat all day and feeling very tired this was galling. Thus my final memory of the event I'm afraid is not a happy one.

PHIL Barry

22 Sep. 2015


Night Race the Best

Turn 1 seats were perfect to watch this fantastic night race. Everything about the Singapore GP is just so well organised. From the MRT to access to the different areas within the track.

Jill W

21 Sep. 2015



Superb! Would thoroughly recommend. The best yet. My other half was gutted about Lewis though. Organisation of the event first class. Enthusiasm and politeness of all helpers amazing. Concerts brilliant, only downside was lack of exits for the number of people. Would love to come back.


23 Sep. 2014


Singapore: Brilliant position.... brilliant location .....fabulous trip

Turn 1 row12 seats 7&8 Excellent view of pit exit and turn 1&2 Row 8 here has a walkway so more leg room. This is a fair walk from the marine bay hotels and road access to some hotel during weds-sun of race week is difficult. Very hot take wet flannels with you they are a god send. If you want to see presentations, exit stand and enter from end of turn 1stand but be quick! Excellent catering and entertainment ....this stand is a 25 min walk from main entertainment stage in zone 4.....pedang stand best access to this area If you are making a holiday of this trip tickets arrive about10days before race weekend. When it rains here boy does it rain plastic poncho is a must, they sell them trackside English is spoken everywhere, people are very friendly and helpful


22 Sep. 2014


Very good

The overall experience was quite amazing from all aspects of viewing F1 in the street circuit in Singapore.

Sam Mollison

30 Sep. 2013


Everything was excellent!

World class facilities and excellent value for money. I think that the Singapore grand prix is one of the best events I have ever been to with world class facilities, and although the price was quite expensive, the tickets proved excellent value for money: 1) Great seats and access to the whole track(apart from the paddock) /viewing points/festivities 2) Great customer service and generally a very laid back policing policy added to the happiness and atmosphere of the crowd 3) Inclusion of music events, Singapore flyer and Porsche /GP2 racing meant that we felt we got a lot extra included in the ticket pricing. 4) Excellent online web access very easy to use and a number of emails giving us information about the event in the lead up to it. 5) Great food & drink options throughout the whole venue 6) Excellent options to buy radio headsets, programmes, souvenirs etc

Colin Ferry

29 Sep. 2013


Singapore GP

Fantastic weekend and the additional shows and events were great. We used the maps, however sometimes we found ourselves walking for miles to get to the different venues but being the first time it is got to be expected. Only thing I would suggest that for those paying Good money for tickets at the Grandstand and turns 1-3 it was difficult getting to Padang to see the Big concerts, however once there the atmosphere was great. All in all a really well run event

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Der Marina Bay Street Circuit ist bekannt für sein Veranstaltungsangebot abseits der Strecke. Auch die für dieses Jahr angekündigten, internationalen Künstler versprechen keine Ausnahme zu sein.

Am Samstag, den 21. September wird Muse, eine der weltweit berühmtesten Rockbands, mit ihrer mitreißenden Bühnenshow auf der Padang-Bühne in Zone 4 des Circuit Parks auftreten. Es sollen außerdem Cardi B, Swedish House Mafia, und die Red Hot Chili Peppers auf der Padang-Bühne an diesem Wochenende performen. Am Samstag wird es in Zone 1 auf der Wharf-Bühne neben den anderen aufregenden Acts ein Konzert von Fatboy Slim geben. Die legendäre jamaikanische Ska- und Rocksteady-Gruppe Toots and the Maytals, der Komponist Hans Zimmer, und die amerikanische Rootsband Larkin Poe werden am Rennwochenende ebenfalls auf mehreren Bühnen auftreten.



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