MotoGP Großer Preis von Frankreich 2020

15 17 Mai
T23 - Moto Journal Raccordement

MotoGP Frankreich 2020T23 - Moto Journal Raccordement

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With a view of the start line, the final two sharp right-hand turns and the "S"s on the approach, this grandstand will provide plenty of opportunity to witness overtaking manoeuvres before the riders speed away down the start/finish straight.

Tickets to this grandstand also include access to the private parking and campsite areas located at the Maison Blanche.

Also included with this ticket type are the following benefits:

  • Fan Kit distributed on site, subject to availability.
  • Official programme and radio (in French only), subject to availability.
  • Access to the Friday and Saturday autograph sessions.
  • Access to the entertainment areas which include live music, stunt shows and more.

Child tickets are not available for any Grandstands and a full priced ticket will need to be purchased.


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Raccordement Left View

Raccordement Left View


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Am hilfreichsten

Steve H

25 Mai 2019


Great Motogp weekend.

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend - lovely circuit - great atmosphere.


22 Mai 2019


amazing with a real buzz

Amazing weekend with a real buzz. to see so many bikes and get close to the action was superb. negatives relate to the stand really seat was taken so had to sit at the back. Also didn't know where to gt the fan kit, until Sunday as no one tells you or there aren't any signs. But overall a great experience


21 Mai 2018


Fantastic weekend

Excellent service from The whole weekend an excellent experience. Great atmosphere

Rachel Pearcey

30 Mai 2017


Le Mans GP weekend

We had seats in the Raccordement section and could see nearly half the circuit so it was superb. The only let down was the lack of toilets which meant queuing for a while but once in them they were clean and well supplied.

Rob Gwatkin

23 Mai 2017


Very poor logisitcs spoilt an otherwise good weekend

So the first thing to say is the racing was excellent as always, however, the entire logistical approach of the circuit is beyond terrible. Firstly little or no signage to let people know where to go to park on motorcycles. Spent Friday afternoon and evening riding around and getting nowhere fast. None of the staff or police were any help whatsoever. Then when you do eventually find the motorcycle park the fun really begins. You get a sticker on your bike and a counterpart to keep on you. Not too bad an experience on practice days, but race day was another thing. First when exiting the main circuit entrance on foot, the main road is open to traffic, so 30 minutes waiting to cross the road. Then to get back into the carp park, one small gate and two staff to service many thousands of bikers. In the end some French people tore open one of the fence panels. 1 hour to get into the car park. Then, to get out of the car park, you have to show your vehicle documents (somehow this prevents theft despite me having the counterslip for the sticker and the bike keys. Another hour to get out of the car park. Completely the opposite to an excellent experience at Assen where bikers are fully catered for with excellent signage, marshalling and easy access in and out. I addition there were only one set of toilets from the Dunlop stand all the way down to the final bend so consequently all the guys were just urinating against the walls or fences so by the end of the weekend it stank. The food and drink stalls were all the same, so no choice and take forever to serve. Won't be attending again, which is a shame as Le Mans is supposed to be one of the best circuits in the world.


23 Mai 2016


MotoGP Le Mans

The ticket service by Bookmoto was, as usual, perfect. Also the view from Raccordement was extraordinary. Not good points I have for Le Mans circuit tho. Messy, dusty parking place, around the circuit not many toilets. Food stands (compared to in Silverstone) were too basic. Over all not much entertainment and food stands, which is dissapointing.


15 Mai 2016


Great weekend spoilt by exiting car park after the final race

Free parking, free radio (in French) and free race brochure were all a huge bonus. Food facilities were a massive let down with all vendors selling them same products, no variety like at other race circuits. Sunday we brought our own food in. Leaving the car park on Sunday was an absolute nightmare. Total lack of any kind of co-ordination from staff. It took us over 2 hours to get out!! Then the police blocked off exits to a couple of roundabouts which was dreadful, especially as we are from UK and are relying on our Sat Nav. We had to travel to Calais and a result of this poor co-ordination we arrived at 11.15pm totally exhausted. We have been to 3 other European Moto GP's and Silverstone every year and never had this problem! I hope that they sort this out for next year so others do not have the same frustrations!

Unhappy lady

12 Mai 2016


Great race but poor facilities and parking nightmare!!

Fantastic race on Sunday and Raccordement viewing pretty good. But the toilet facilities at the circuit were dire with queues a mile long and disgusting inside. As a female I won't be going again. Leaving the circuit was the worst part of the day as it took 3 hours to actually leave! Police were dreadful and just kept closing routes and sending drivers round in circles. A lot of bikes overheated in queues and probably never made it home without breakdown service. The French really do need to get their act together at this circuit. It's not like they were not expecting it to be busy.

Peter Marchant

12 Mai 2016


2016 French Moto GP

Being at the event live was a fantastic experience. However, this was spoiled by the disgusting toilet facilities that were provided which proved to be both inadequate and lacking and by the Sunday there was no running water in the toilet block sinks. There were males urinating along the walls of the circuit boundary which frankly should not be allowed. I do not see why a circuit like Le Mann cannot provide proper facilities.

Chris Crabtree

11 Mai 2016


2016 French Moto GP - Le Mans

The ticket information provided along with the circuit lay out were excellent & really helpful especially for a first timer to Le Mans like myself. Getting in was on the whole a pretty good experience once you had your bearings & my advise is if you can afford a grandstand seat get one as you get the comfort of secure parking for your vehicle as part of the deal. I will be heading back to Le Mans next year as i am now hooked.

Gary Woods

10 Mai 2016


Poor Facilities but great venue

Had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Circuit is amazing with some great viewing areas. Brilliant atmosphere with some great racing. Thought the Fanzone area was really good too with lots of stalls to purchase all your favorite riders merchandise. The only negative for me was the shortage of toilets around the circuit and the food choices were limited. It was either hotdog and chips or hotdog and chips.

Paul Quayle

10 Mai 2016


Le mans raccordament stand

View from this stand is very good but get there early or you will not get your seat and the seat is very narrow and cramped Food stalls and toilets not enough for the amount of people in the circuit Use the tram to get to the track very good

Kevin Jewison

09 Mai 2016


Le Mans weekend

Booked Raccordement grandstand as it's covered, come rain or shine. The seats we got where spot on with a great view.Bike parking in blanc was very good although could not find it on the circuit map but assumed it was near blue parking area once we found it it was easy and very secure and easy walk to the stand. Friday was good as you could get to the circuit and move about as the crowd was lighter, Saturday getting to the circuit was ok again but more people and Sunday getting to the circuit ( earlier start recommended ) but ok again very very busy though but the view from the stand was the best l've had at a race meeting what a circuit.the food outlets where good. The weather helped it was great only down side was leaving the circuit after racing finished we had a walk and chilled out for a hour but was still very busy as expected. But going back the our digs the duel carriageway was packed for mile but there where crowds of people on every bridge waving at the bikers passing under. Overall it was a fantastic weekend and book moto where very helpful and organised and l am glad l booked with them.l would recommend them to anyone.


20 Mai 2015


Nice MotoGP week-end on Suzuki Motul tribune

We were ideally placed on the first row on the Suzuki Motul tribune. The tribune offers a good view on 2 S parts of the circuit and start line.


19 Mai 2015


moto simms

Easy access into parking area on Friday ( parked in MP) camped there for the weekend. 200m walk to the suzukii Motul stand which was great. Hot showers and a toilet block provided and were clean all weekend. Only downside was it was VERY noisy ALL night as sandwiched between Show ground and external camping area.


23 Mai 2014


Great weekend at Le Mans

Great weekend at Le mans. Good general viewing areas right on start/finish straight. Ducati Tribune was good viewing, included parking for bikes 50m from stand but unfortunately the route to park there was not signed and stewards didn't have a clue.We parked the bikes outside on Saturday but at least when we went in, the guy controlling the Ducati parking was really helpful and showed us how to get there.

Paul and Liz from Oz

20 Mai 2014


Le Mans MotoGP 2014

Have just been to the Le Mans MotoGP and a bigger shambles I have never seen. Firstly, trying to find Parking that was supposedly included in the 3 Day Ticket was impossible. The Police or Car Park "Attendants" just kept redirecting us to somewhere away from them. After 3 circuits of the track we found a Parking spot about 2 kms walk from our Gate. Secondly, when we got in to the Circuit we were extremely disappointed with all the Facilities - only 2 blocks of toilets to cover half the Circuit - a disgrace. The Le Mans Circuit is renowned World Wide and the French should take more pride in such an iconic venue !!! People were going to the toilet up against the fence or against any wall in full view of the Public. The only reason the Facilities and Access to Circuit got a 1 Star was because 0 was not available !!! Very limited in Merchandising Options and Expensive at that !!! We will not be going there again unless we hear of major improvements !!! Having said that, the Circuit layout is great and we had great seats and great racing - Jack Miller winning the Moto3 !!!!


23 Mai 2013




Nick Monty

20 Mai 2013


great weekend thanks to book moto

great weekend many thanks to book moto for getting me a replacement ticket,all organised same day and without fuss after i laminated ticket to stop it getting wet,as it always rains at Le man. Ticket has speical covering so any heat turns it black to stop photocopying. Oppps. Deffinatly camp, but dont expect any sleep without the help of earplugs and beer. french know how to party, but very friendly and will help you get drunk. Good veiw from granstand, tv opposite, Great atmosphere even better by Redding coming 1st and Crutchlow 2nd. Will go again next year and camp and book with book moto and get very drunk with great crowd of CRAZY french.


20 Mai 2013


Great racing but circuit needs updating

We were pleased to have allocated parking but even with the mp it was a nightmare to find as we needed to know to follow signs for techno parc. So any roads are blocked off, no one speaks English and it took an hour to find. Then the parking area was packed with vehicles dumped anywhere, half the sit was tents blocking access and the motogp lorries were all armed here too. The stand was very lose to car ark which is great and had good visibility and great screen. The outdoor facilities are not brilliant and as usual food and drink too expensive to take your own. Unlike Valencia circuit you are allowed to take in on food and drink. Make sure you have a sat nav if you drive as on exiting many rads are shut off, we ended up having a great countryside drive!

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