Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix 2021

04 06 Jun
Getting to the




As Baku is a street circuit, there will not be any parking available directly at the track. However, there are parking areas available close to the track, such as the White City area, 28 Mall Parking Zone, 'Garage' parking near the Molokan Garden and the Nizami Garden.

Coach & Bus

There are three bus routes that run close to the track during the race weekend; Route 5, Route 53 and Route 65. Each of these buses will run at regular intervals throughout the race weekend. Route 5 starts in Sabayil, and follows the coast eastwards into Baku city centre. For this route, alight at either Narimanov Metro Station, May 28 Metro Station, Liberty Avenue, Nizami Street or Rashid Street. Route 53 stops at 20th Zone Roundabout, Aquatic Centre, National Flag Square and Baku Sports Hall and Route 65 starts in Nasimi, north of Baku City Centre and travels down through the city to the coast. For this route, Fuzili Square is the closest stop to the circuit. You will be within walking distance of your respective grandstand from any of these bus stops.

The bus journeys are usually 20q per journey. To find your bus routes visit Please be careful with newer services, as some will only accept a prepaid card, called a BakiKart. You can get a Bakikart and top it up at metro stations or at some bus stops. Tourists can get a reusable card or a disposable card valid for 4 journeys.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings the main concerts will take place in Baku Crystal Hall on the Coastal Boulevard, adjacent to Flag Square. The walking distance from the circuit is approximately 5km, however the circuit will be running a free shuttle bus service for those attending the evening concerts. More information for these transfers, including maps, times and bus stop locations will be available closer to the event.


Traditional London 'black cab' taxis have been recently introduced in Baku. These can be booked through calling +994 12404 1238. The Royal Taxi can be contacted at the following: Royal Taxi, +994 051 880 2009 ( The regular Baku cab services can be booked through calling +994 125653189. Uber is also operating in Baku.


There is an extensive Metro system across Baku and this can be used to reach the track from central and suburban stations. The nearest stops to the circuit are Sahil, Icheri Sheher or 28 May (which is also on the green line) which are all a short walk from the circuit. The metro services will be operating throughout the race weekend, in order to assist with a high number of visitors.

To enter the metro, a BakuCard is required. This is a plastic card which can be purchased through a vending machine located at metro stations. If purchasing a card just for your stay in Baku City, choose 'BakuCard for Limited Use' on the screen of the vending machine. The price of the card, and each journey, will cost 30 Gepik and we recommend to bring the correct amount of money needed, as the vending machines do not give change! From here, you can choose how many times you will use the card to pass into the Metro. Please note, you must have a minimum of 20 Gepik on the card to be able to travel.


All areas of the circuit are accessible on foot, however there are usually road closures around the track during the event. We therefore recommend to check for any street closures closer to the race weekend.


As the Baku City Circuit is a street circuit, severe road restrictions will be in place to ensure uninterrupted traffic flows in the central streets of Baku during the race weekend. This will mean the roads within the circuit and the areas around the track will be closed and therefore, we recommend to use public transport where possible as the easiest and most convenient way to travel around the city. Ensure that you plan your travel around these closures to make access to the track as easy as possible.


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Location Map

Baku City Circuit

Event timetable

Fri 17:00
Formula 1
Practice 2
Sat 14:00
Formula 1
Practice 3
Sat 17:00
Formula 1
Sun 16:10
Formula 1