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Mugello is located in the Tuscan countryside, approximately 30km north of Florence. Due to its rural location, the best way to reach the circuit is by car. Parking is available on the outside of the circuit for cars and motorcycles. It is payable on arrival for approximately 15 euros per day.

Please note that traffic can be heavy as you approach the circuit, so we recommend allowing plenty of extra time when planning your journey. Additionally, delays are likely when arriving and leaving the circuit, therefore leaving later and grabbing a bite to eat first is advisable.

Motorhomes and campervans can park and camp in a designated area by the Palagio entrance, but a pass is required - more information can be found on our dedicated accommodation page.

Coach & Bus

A limited number of seats are available in private buses and minivans run by Ser-Vito. These can be booked in advance to get from Florence to Mugello Circuit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will meet Ser-Vito's drivers behind Florence's main train station Santa Maria Novella, in Piazzale Montelungo.

The minivans will then drop you off in the parking lot opposite the Palagio entrance. From Palagio you will be able to access all grandstands and viewing areas (excluding Arrabbiata 58 Grandstand and Arrabbiata 58 General Admission).

The minivans will depart at the following times:

  • Friday - 07:30
  • Saturday - 07:00
  • Sunday - 06:00

The arrival time at the Palagio entrance is expected to be around 08:00 on Saturday and Sunday. However, please note that the circuit is located in a hilly area of Tuscany and surrounded by narrow roads, which have historically resulted in heavy traffic.

The minivans will leave the circuit to return to Florence at the following times:

  • Friday - 18:00
  • Saturday - 19:00
  • Sunday - 18:00

Due to heavy traffic in the area, departure times are later than in previous years. Customers are encouraged to head to the nearby town of Scarperia to relax, grab a drink and some food before the buses depart. The meeting point will be by the restaurant "Locanda San Barnaba" at Viale J. F. Kennedy, 15, 50038 Scarperia e San Piero FI. Please be aware that the return trip to Florence may be slow due to heavy traffic, particularly on Sunday after the race.

Please follow the instructions below when ordering your minivan tickets:

  • Prices below are per person. Please add one ticket per person travelling on the minivan
  • In the comments box in the billing page enter the names of each person travelling on the minivans
  • In the comments box in the billing page enter the mobile number of the lead person on the booking (Please make sure you have this mobile number with you over the race weekend)

Ser-Vito requires passengers' names and the mobile number to facilitate the communication over the race weekend. The mobile number of the drivers will also be provided to you.

Please note that large groups may need to be split between minivans based on vehicle capacity.

Coach & Bus
(USD $)
Florence to Mugello Circuit
7:30 Fri
Florence to Mugello Circuit
7:00 Sat
Florence to Mugello Circuit
6:00 Sun


You can also take a taxi from anywhere in Florence to Mugello. Where possible, we recommend organising taxis in advance to reduce waiting times. Your hotel reception could be an invaluable source of information, and can assist with booking a taxi through a reputable company.

Please allow plenty of time if you take a taxi to the circuit. Traffic is likely to be heavy, and be prepared for a longer walk as the taxis may not drop you off at the circuit entrance if there is traffic.


The closest railway stations to the circuit are Borgo San Lorenzo (8km to the south) and Florence Santa Maria Novella Central train station (30km to the south). If you are travelling from Florence, take the train from Florence Santa Maria Novella Station to Borgo San Lorenzo Station; this should take approximately 45 minutes. Once at Borgo San Lorenzo Station, you can either take a taxi or a bus to the circuit. Due to the high number of spectators, we recommend allowing plenty of time to reach the circuit over the race weekend. Please note, the regular timetable can be less reliable during busier periods.

In past years this service has been busy and not always run to schedule over the race weekend. We recommend allowing plenty of time to reach the circuit should unexpected delays occur. Once at Borgo San Lorenzo Station, you can either take a taxi or a bus to the circuit. However, please be aware that in the past visitors reported taxis as unavailable due to the high number of fans and the bus service non-existent. Locals may offer transfers to the circuit for a fee.

The circuit is located 8km from Borgo San Lorenzo Station so you may even decide to walk. If you choose this option, please be prepared with plenty of sun protection and drinking water as the temperatures may be hot at this time of the year.

Our advice is to take a car and drive to the circuit for the most reliable form of transport.


Mugello Circuit is approximately 2.5km away from the nearby town of Scarperia, which is a 40 minute walk away.


For information on international travel including the nearest airports, please check out our Destination & Tourism page

Location Map

Mugello Circuit

Event timetable

Fri 9:55
Practice 1
Fri 14:05
Practice 2
Sat 9:55
Practice 3
Sat 13:30
Practice 4
Sat 14:10
Sat 14:35
Qualifying 2
Sun 9:40
Warm Up
Sun 14:00
Race (23 Laps)