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Assen is the capital city of the province of Drenthe, in the northeast of the Netherlands. It began developing and building an industrial basis from the 1950s and it has now become one of the fastest-growing city in the northern part of the Netherlands, offering many employment opportunities. It does however date back as far as 1258, eventually becoming an official city in 1809.

Alongside the MotoGP event, Assen is famous in Holland for hosting each November the Assen Dance Festival, which attracts Ballroom and Latin American dancers, competing against each other across various ages.

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TT Assen Festival

TT Assen Festival

International Travel

Groningen Airport is the nearest airport to the circuit around 35km away, although this is a small regional airport. Amsterdam Schipol Airport is a larger international airport which is located 195km away. Train services run from the airport to Assen, which is situated just 3km from the circuit.


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Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in Assen! The TT Assen Festival takes place over the race weekend if you love music, motorcycles, and socialising. It generally sees local and international bands playing and a variety of activities. If you prefer something quieter, the cultural complex De Nieuwe Kolk offers a cinema, theatres, a library, as well as restaurants and a centre for visual arts.

If you are a museum enthusiast, you can also visit the Drents Museum, which provides a view of the world and of Drenthe, with a variety of stories about archaeology, art and history. Assen is also the capital of the "cycling province" of the Netherlands, Drenthe. If you are more of an active person, there are plenty of cycle paths in the city and surroundings which are also host to regular cycling events, this is a great way to take in some beautiful sights of the city.


The average temperature in Assen in the month of June is approximately 19 degrees and it can fall to 15 degrees in the evening or in case of rain. The weather can be quite changeable in this part of the Netherlands and the rainfall has made for interesting practice sessions and races in the past few years.

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