French MotoGP Seating Guide

French MotoGP Seating Guide

08 November 2019

Le Mans is one of the most recognised names in motorsport, and the centre of French motor racing heritage. The annually sold-out French MotoGP is renowned for its atmosphere and close racing, so our seating guide is available to help you get the most out of your visit.

MotoGP makes an annual visit to the permanent Bugatti Circuit which has been a fan favourite since it arrived on the calendar twenty years ago. The circuit uses a mix of the classic Circuit La Sarthe of endurance car fame, and the shorter Bugatti Circuit, offering a mix of heritage and specialised permanent racing track.

The mid-May race means a variety of track conditions could be present. Daily temperatures average 20 degrees, and the largely flat surroundings mean that there are often crosswinds bringing changeable weather. This combines with the track features to make great racing, and this is what sells this race out year on year, sometimes weeks before the event.

Motorsport Live takes a look at the grandstand choices available.

T14 Triumph and T15 Pit Straight (Mutuelle des Motards)

Both located on the pit straight, these grandstands are based on the run up to the hill from the start finish line. Riders sprint from the green light jostling for position as they pass your stands, then head up hill round the sweeping turn 1.

The grandstands offer very similar views; we'd personally suggest opting for T15 Pit Straight tickets if wanting to be closer to the start, or T14 Triumph tickets if looking to be closer to turn 1 and the pit exit. Both grandstands are available as Friday - Sunday tickets are available for £142 per person.

T54 Moto Journal

After the chicane on the back straight, the riders reach turn 11 and lean right down for the tight right hander, clipping the apex twice before accelerating out of the turn. T54 is on this corner, allowing a view of the straight coming towards the turn, the full turn, and the exit towards turn 12.

You can purchase T54 Moto Journal tickets as a Friday to Sunday ticket for £134 per person.

T52 Ouest France S Bleus and T30 Repair Des Motards

The final two corners of the circuit have witnessed many last-gasp moves for position and victory over the years. T52 is on the approach to turn 13, allowing you to see the bikes sweep through turns 12 and 13 in front of you. T30 is between the final two turns 13 and 14, allowing you to see the bikes approach 13, and sweep by in front of you as the go through the final turn 14 and towards the line. A good exit of 12 can put bikes close together for a pass.

You can purchase both T52 Ouest France S Bleus tickets and T30 Repair Des Motards as Friday - Sunday tickets for £134 per person.

General Admission

The General Admission tickets allow access around the track, so you can view the action from one of many of the banked areas looking down onto the circuit. Additionally, there are a number of unreserved grandstands on the pit straight that you can access (limited to 7,000 seats, so arrive early to avoid disappointment).

General Admission Sunday tickets are priced at £64, and General Admission Weekend tickets are available for £80 per person.

For that something special…

The best seat in the house is without doubt the MotoGP VIP Village. As well as prime viewing locations from above the pit garages, guests can enjoy an exclusive entertainment programme and an outstanding catering service to accompany each day's action on track, providing guests with a memorable GP experience in a relaxed, stylish and exclusive atmosphere. As well as including catering throughout the day, this also includes a pit lane walk, and a paddock tour where you could bump into your favourite MotoGP stars! MotoGP VIP Village is not yet on sale for 2020, but please contact us if you'd like to be informed once it is on sale.

The French MotoGP will run from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th March. For a full list of 2020 French MotoGP tickets and hospitality, visit our Motorsport Live French MotoGP page. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Team are also available to assist you with any queries. Simply call us +44 (0)208 730 9780.

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