de Italia Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2021

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Puntos clave, vuelos internacionales y qué hacer durante tu visita




The city of Monza is situated high up in Lombardy, Northern Italy, 162 metres above sea level. With a history dating back to at least the Bronze Age, Monza has a rich and diverse cultural history, with influences from the Roman Empire, Spain, Austria and France, which can be seen today all over the city. Located only 30 minutes out of the fashion capital of Milan, the largest metropolitan city in Italy, and under 2 hours away from Turin, Genoa and the picturesque Lake Como, Monza is an ideal place to stay for those interested in exploring the North of Italy.

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Monza Park

Monza Park

Vuelos internacionales

Linate Airport is located approximately 24km from the circuit and the only airport within the metropolitan area of Milan.

Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport is located about a 50km drive from the circuit, and is normally the location of choice for budget European airlines.

Milan Malpensa Airport is where long distance international flights arrive, and is located about 60km from the circuit.


Para más información sobre dónde alojarse, échale un vistazo a nuestro apartado sobre «Alojamiento».

Qué hacer


Monza has a rich past, spanning the length of history itself. There are many fine examples of Catholic architecture including Santa Maria in Strada, the Expiatory Chapel of Monza and the Duomo of Monza, a fantastic example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture.

Monza Park, where the circuit itself is located, and the gardens of the Royal Palace, are one of the largest in Europe to be enclosed by walls. The park was commissioned by Napolean's stepson, Eugene de Beauharnais during the French occupation of northern Italy, and was completed in 1808. Inside the park, the main attraction is the Royal Villa . This spectacular palace was completed in 1780 whilst Lombardy was still part of Austria, and was the home to the Archduke Ferdinand.


The bustling cosmopolitan city of Milan hosts the majority of travelling race goers over the period of the Italian Grand Prix. There is something for everyone here, whether a fan of arts, culture, food, shopping or even the second local religion - football. Whilst this is a limited selection, a few highlights are:

  • Climb the roof of the Duomo Cathedral and take in the Panorama of the city
  • Explore the grounds and museums of the Castello Sforzesco
  • Shopping in the city centre, especially in the premium Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • ...and whilst there, don't forget to spin your heel on the bull in the centre of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, it's said to bring good luck!

Lake Como

The picturesque Lake Como and Lake Lecco are a beautiful expanse of water surrounded by the Alps. It's home to the stars and celebrities of the world, including most famously George Clooney. The pearl of the lakes is the small town of Bellagio, where you can sit outside a quite cafe and watch the world quietly pass you by.

El tiempo

Whilst not as hot as the south of Italy, Lombardy is known for its warm early autumns. During September temperatures reach an average of 25 degrees centigrade, however it is not unknown for it to be hotter, reaching 36 degrees on a previous race weekend. As the circuit is located close to the mountains, there is always a risk of rain showers. Therefore, we recommend to take waterproof clothing with you as well as sun protection!

Fecha provisional

La fecha de este evento está basada en el calendario provisional para la temporada de 2020. En general, las fechas no suelen cambiar, pero no podremos confirmar la fecha del evento hasta que el calendario se confirme, que esperamos que sea a finales de año. Si la fecha cambia, las entradas que hayas comprado para asistir al Gran Premio seguirán siendo válidas. Ahora bien, a ser posible, sería recomendable no reservar ningún tipo de alojamiento o viaje que no pueda cambiarse/cancelarse con facilidad hasta que se confirme el calendario de F1 2020.

También te damos la opción de añadir un seguro de compra al realizar tu pedido, para tener la opción de recibir un reembolso del importe de las entradas que incluya los gastos de gestión y envío si las fechas cambian y, como consecuencia, no puedes asistir al evento.


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