Gran Premio de Singapur de Fórmula 1 2020

18 20 sep.
Lounge @ Turn 3

GP de Singapur de Fórmula 1 2020Lounge @ Turn 3

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Elevate your Formula 1® experience with access to the exclusive Lounge@Turn 3. Located at the end of the first set of turns, the Lounge@Turn 3 offers prime views of the cars competing for overtaking opportunities at the first turn before braking to 90km/h as they tackle Turn 3, pick up speed and go full throttle down Republic Boulevard.

Catch the excitement of the action on track in air-conditioned comfort in the lounge or soak up the atmosphere outdoors with an assigned seat at the enhanced Premier Grandstand. Enjoy wider seats and access to specially built executive restroom facilities — all designed to add extra comfort to the outdoor grandstand experience.

Throughout the race weekend, fuel up with tantalising meals and snacks in between races, and complement your meal with a selection of wines, beers and soft drinks from the open bar inside the lounge.

Singapore lounge
Singapore outdoor seating

The Lounge @ Turn 3 package includes:

  • Access to all Zones within the Circuit Park and the entertainment stages
  • 3-day reserved seat in the Turn 3 Premier Grandstand
  • Open bar with complimentary wines and beers within the air-conditioned lounge
  • Dedicated premium food and beverage outlets adjacent to the grandstand
  • Daily meal vouchers (redeemable only at the dedicated food and beverage outlets)
  • Daily snack vouchers (redeemable only at the dedicated food and beverage outlets)
  • Access to executive restroom facilities

Singapore indoor seating
Singapore outdoor area

Prices are per person and availability for this exclusive package is limited so please contact us for large group booking enquiries.


Tribuna cubierta
Pantalla gigante
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Penarth resident

07 oct. 2019

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Incredible Racing and Circuit Experience!

We four girls purchased the Lounge@Turn3 three day package as it gave us access to an airconditioned lounge as well as seats in the grandstand overlooking turn 3. We were a bit shell shocked at the price, £1829 plus £94 delivery fee each. Gulp! However, after arriving at the circuit on the Friday we soon appreciated the value when we saw what was included and how it made the whole experience simply fantastic. The lounge was just behind the grandstand and we were welcomed with cool towels to freshen up as the humidity is very high in Singapore. There was a very large screen and smaller ones to see what was happening on track and plenty of staff to bring unlimited free drinks as required, wine, beer, soft drinks and champagne on race day. There was also an area providing different desserts and coffee every day, also free. Over and above this our tickets included 6 free drinks outside the lounge, 2 snacks, dinner and supper each day which we could eat in the lounge if we wished or at our seats or the outside seating areas next to the grandstand or the balcony overlooking the seating area. Bearing mind that a beer cost £11 at the circuit we soon appreciated the value of our tickets over a three day period as we did not skimp on refreshments! The staff everywhere were plentiful and extremely polite and helpful. Even the toilet block was continuously manned by a lady who kept them spotlessly clean and fresh. What a treat! Book F1 came up trumps again on seating, we had 4 seats together, end of row. Perfect! And we were so close to the cars as they exited turn 2, the pit exit and turn 3 itself. I'd forgotten my binoculars, the first time in 18 years and was gutted but I need not have worried as the screen opposite our stand was so large that we could read the driver standings etc. Brilliant! The cost of our tickets included all the entertainment. The only downside was that the Pedang stage where the headline acts were performing was too far from our location to get to and we heard from a number of people whom we met who had got lost on the way and had given up. But the Marina Bay Circuit site is massive so not surprising. We had purposely chosen our location for the racing so were not too disappointed but we saw Fat Boy Slim, Toots and the Maytals on the Wharf stage which was just behind our grandstand and Texas on the nearby Sunset stage, so all was not lost. Getting to and from the circuit was very easy using the MRT from the City Hall area where we stayed in the Grand Park, City Hall which was also amazing and highly recommended. We had Crystal Club Rooms at a very reasonable £872 each, 2 sharing a room for 6 nights, which included free breakfast and free drinks and substantial snacks between 6pm and 8pm daily. So, together with our race tickets we did not need not pay for any more food and drinks. We only ate out on the Wednesday and Monday nights, which was not cheap, especially alcohol. However, for the first time in living memory I went home with currency. Unbelievable! The racing was very exciting from practice to race although we were gutted that Charles Leclerc again missed out on a win after securing pole. We also enjoyed the Ferrari and Porsche races as we were so close to the action. Fab! This was our 18th year travelling the world watching FI and I have to say that we were completely bowled over by the whole Singapore experience. Expensive on the face of it but we figured that half the ticket price was the hospitality and together with the fantastic facilities, entertainment, wonderful people and stunning location and of course the fantastic night race worth every penny in our view.

Chris Goodman

24 sep. 2019

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A Weekend of Wonders


Having been to Monza & Spa, both traditional race circuits, a trip to Singapore was a step into the unknown. Despite the hazy weather, the whole weekend was a huge success. The Lounge at Turn 3 gave us welcome respite from the humidity, and the view of the race start from Turn 2 was fantastic.

Carolyn & Darryl Foulis

25 sep. 2018

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What a great three days Singapore puts on :)

Ian & Ian.

21 sep. 2018

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Amazing experience

Singapore 2018 was our first F1 live experience & I didn't believe I could get so wrapped up in the atmosphere of a live event. Besides F1, we watched every bit of action from the other supporting classes & enjoyed the other events going on around the circuit. Our tickets included hospitality & that was very well managed with good food. It never seemed too busy & there was always somewhere to sit & enjoy your food & drink! Somehow I don't think this will be our first & only F1 weekend!


Entradas para niños

Hay entradas infantiles disponibles para las tribunas Pit y Stamford para los menores que tengan 16 años o menos en el momento de la carrera.

Los menores de 7 años solo podrán acceder al circuito si su padre/madre/tutor firma un documento en el que se afirme que los organizadores del Gran Premio de Singapur quedarán exentos de cualquier responsabilidad derivada de su decisión de asistir al Gran Premio con menores de 7 años. Ponte en contacto con nosotros si necesitas este formulario.

Entradas para personas con movilidad reducida

Si necesitas información en cuanto a entradas para personas con movilidad reducida, ponte en contacto con nosotros.

Información adicional

Acceso a las zonas

Las entradas de Walkabout te darán acceso a las zonas de pelouse (sin asiento asignado).

El acceso a las zonas dentro del circuito dependerá de la entrada que compres, como se muestra a continuación:

  • Tribuna Bay: Zonas 3 y 4
  • Tribuna Connaught: Zona 4
  • Tribuna Padang: Zona 4
  • Tribuna Stamford: Zona 4
  • Walkabout (zona 4): Zona 4
  • Tribuna Pit: Zonas 1, 2, 3 y 4
  • Tribuna Súper Pit: Zonas 1, 2, 3 y 4
  • Walkabout (Prémium): Zonas 1, 2, 3 y 4
  • Tribuna Curva 1: Zonas 1, 2, 3 y 4
  • Tribuna Curva 2: Zonas 1, 2, 3 y 4
  • Tribuna Curva 3 (Prémium): Zonas 1, 2, 3 y 4

Entradas combinadas

Las entradas combinadas te darán la oportunidad de sentarte en una tribuna distinta cada día:

  • Entrada combinada: Walkabout (zona 1). Tribuna Pit (viernes), tribuna Pit (sábado), Walkabout Prémium (domingo)
  • Entrada combinada: Padang. Tribuna Stamford (viernes), tribuna Pit (sábado), tribuna Padang (domingo)
  • Entrada combinada: Pit. Tribuna Padang (viernes), tribuna Stamford (sábado), tribuna Pit (domingo)
  • Entrada combinada: Stamford. Tribuna Pit (viernes), tribuna Padang (sábado), tribuna Stamford (domingo)

Nota importante: Como tendrás una entrada distinta para cada día, solo podrás acceder a las zonas a las que te de acceso la entrada del día correspondiente.

Ofertas grupales

Recibirás un descuento al comprar 4 o más entradas de fin de semana dentro de las siguientes áreas:

  • Tribuna Pit
  • Tribuna Connaught
  • Tribuna Empress
  • Tribuna Padang
  • Tribuna Stamford
  • Walkabout (Prémium):

El descuento se aplicará automáticamente al añadir 4 o más entradas a tu cesta.

Programa de entretenimiento

El circuito de Marina Bay se conoce por preparar un programa de entretenimiento de lo más espectacular. Los conciertos se anunciarán cuando se acerque el Gran Premio, así que ¡atento a las novedades!


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