de Turquía Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2020

13 15 nov.
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Distribuidor especialista en Fórmula 1

Gran Premio
de Turquía


de Turquía Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2020

Perfil del circuito

The Istanbul Racing Circuit is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. In addition to easy access from TEM and Airport, the site is located within the green belt surrounded by forest and cultivated green fields. The area is clean of any pollution and pleasantly attractive for out door activities.

The total area allocated for the Circuit is 2,215,000 m2. The racing circuit which runs counter-clockwise is 5.378km long with an average width of 15m, excluding Runoff Areas. The Circuit is composed of 13 curves, of which 6 are right turns and 7 left turns. The sharpest turn will have a radius of 15m. The start and finish section is 655.5m in length. The Circuit runs over 4 level sections with rising and descending grades. The maximum theoretical speed expected to be achieved will be 320.5 Km/hr.

Intercity Istanbul Park

Intercity Istanbul Park
  • Primera carrera:2005-01-01
  • Curvas:
  • Longitud de la pista:5.338 km
  • Número de vueltas:58
  • Distancia de la carrera:0 km

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