de Belgique Grand Prix de Formule 1 2021

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Also known as the 'Pearl of the Ardennes', the small town of Spa is nestled among the sweeping hills of the Belgian countryside.

This remote part of Belgium is not only famous for being home to one of the best circuits on the F1 calendar, its natural mineral springs have attracted tourists from all over the world for centuries. The waters are said to hold 'healing' properties and came to fame in the late 1700s. Why not relax with some rejuvenating hydrotherapy after the on-track excitement?

Make sure you set aside some time to enjoy the stunning scenery and soak up the culture, but we recommend taking an umbrella, as Spa is famous for it's water in more ways than one!

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Trajets internationaux

Brussels International Airport, or Cologne Airport in Germany, are approximately the same distance from the circuit - 110km and 90km respectively. The closest airport is in Maastricht, but it can be more difficult to get a direct flight.

As Belgium is one of the UK's closest neighbours, many fans based in the UK chose to drive to the track. For those interested in driving from the UK, there are a couple of options to cross The Channel. Ferry's are available from Dover to Calais, and the transfer takes approximately 90 minutes. Alternatively, the Eurotunnel departs from Folkstone and arrives in Calais a mere 35 minutes later. The drive from Calais to Spa will usually take around 4 hours, depending on traffic.


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Activités et visites

We've put together a handful of off track, must-see attractions to fit in around your trip to the Belgian Grand Prix...

  • Les Thermes de Spa - You couldn't visit Europe's oldest health resort and not experience its famous healing waters first hand. A visit to Thermes de Spa would be the perfect post-race escape after a weekend of sheer petrol-hedonism! You can browse and pre-book individual treatments through their website, or purchase a three hour pass for €20 and simply drift from sauna to pool & even outdoor baths.
  • Musee de Circuit de Spa Francorchamps - It's no secret that the Circuit of Spa is a grand favourite amongst drivers and fans, and is considered by some to be one of the greatest circuits in the world. Discover more about the history of this racing gem in the Circuit Museum, located just 10 kilometres from the track. As well as charting the history of the circuit, the museum presents the origins of Le Mans 24h and motor racing vehicles from the ages!
  • Casino de Spa - Built in 1763, along with the town's original bath house, the Casino de Spa stakes its claim as the world's oldest casino. Bring your passport and some spending money if you fancy taking a look around this 18th century building - which is still a working casino!

If you're looking to see a bit more of Belgium, the capital city of Brussels is a 90 minute drive away, or you could even venture further afield into Luxembourg - a two hour journey by road or rail.

Look out for brewery tours and beer festivals if you want to sample some locally produced ale's, (Belgium produces over 500 different varieties!) and you must have at least one cone of frites - they do chips better than us!

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