des Pays-Bas Grand Prix de Formule 1 2021

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Où rester

Located on the coast of the Netherlands, Zandvoort is one of the major beach resorts of the Netherlands. It therefore makes sense to take advantage of the many hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses on the seafront the area has to offer! As accommodation is expected to be extremely busy over the race weekend, nearby Amsterdam or Haarlem also have plenty of options for a variety of budgets. We have a selection of hotel and ticket options available on our packages page.


There are currently no camping facilities at the circuit. However, there are campsites situated in the local area. Camping De Duinrand and Camping Association Amsterdam are both located on the beach, and within a 15 minute walk from the circuit.


Zandvoort is full of quaint hotels with beautiful views over the North Sea. Expect to find smaller, independent hotels close to the circuit. Hotel Beachhouse, NH Zandvoort and Center Parcs Strandhotel are all located close to the circuit, all on the seafront.

For those who wish to stay in a larger city, away from the racing madness, nearby Haarlem has a wide variety of accommodation choices. From the arty hotel of the niu Dairy, to Stayokay Haarlem located on the canalside, as well as recognisable hotel chains such as Hotel Ibis, the capital of North Holland has a lot to offer. Similarly, the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, has plenty of options to chose from. Expect trendy boutique hotels, a wide range of B&Bs as well as familiar names, including Ibis and Hilton Hotels to name a few.

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Zandvoort Circuit

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