de France Grand Prix de Formule 1 2021

25 27 juin
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The promoter have collaborated with CITEC in order to implement a new traffic plan for the 2020 race, so if you are travelling by car, take the A50 in direction of Le Castellet. Take Exit 11 in in the direction of Le Beausset - Aubagne - Circuit du Castellet.

Parking will be available free of charge, and each parking area will have a dedicated team on-site to direct the traffic flow. Access roads to the circuit will lead you to a dedicated parking area. In order to ensure smooth flowing traffic, you will be directed to the closest parking area on arrival and will need to walk to the circuit from your parking area.

Motorcycles will have a dedicated car park, fully paved, and a walk away from the circuit. Motorcycle parking will be free of charge, and does not need to be booked. Further information on parking locations will be released closer to the event.

A Park and Ride system will also be in place from La Ciotat and Le Castellet to the circuit, with a dedicated access lane. Please contact us for further information.

A carpooling incentive will also be offered. Groups of 5 travelling in the same car can use the dedicated carpool lane. You will need to register for a special accreditation in order to use the carpool lane. Please contact us for further information.

As each day winds to an end, in order to maximise traffic flow, traffic may be redirected to improve flow.

Autocar et bus

There are free shuttles available from St-Cyr, La Ciotat and Le Castellet. The shuttles depart from 6:30 to 14:00 from the cities, and the return trips will depart the circuit between 16:00 and 22:00. The duration of the transfers is approximately 35 minutes, and shuttles will depart every 5 minutes on average. To benefit from this service, you must pre-book, so please contact us for further information.


The circuit is located 15 km away from the village of Le Castellet, and there are limited taxi companies in the area. Traffic is expected to increase near the times of the race, so long queues might form.

If you choose to take a taxi to the circuit, a taxi drop-off point will be available adjacent to the circuit. Please note that taxis may not be able to use special access roads to the circuit, and traffic is reported to be heavy over the race weekend. We advise booking your taxi in advance and agreeing on a fixed price with the driver where possible.


The closest major French cities are Toulon (30km), Marseille (45km) and Aix-en-Provence (58km).

Le Castellet does not have a train station, and the nearest stations are Saint-Cyr-les-Lecques-la-Cadiere, Bandol and Seyne-Six-Fours. There are no confirmed public transport routes leading to the circuit from these locations. Further information will be released closer to the race.


Helicopter shuttle transfers are available from a number of surrounding cities to the circuit, with the longest flight lasting only 10 minutes. Helicopter transfers will be available shortly.

À pied

The circuit is located about 15 km from the centre of Le Castellet. There are three routes to the circuit from Le Castellet: Chemin de la Roche du Saule, Chemin de la Suffrene, and Chemin de la Massoque. However, please note that these routes can take upwards of two hours, and are not always clearly marked.


Pour plus d'informations concernant les trajets internationaux, veuillez consulter notre page Destination et tourisme.

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