de Monaco Grand Prix de Formule 1 2021

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The circuit does not have an official car park so to park in Monaco you will need to use one of the principality's public car parks, which will become very busy on race weekend. Please be aware that many of the streets in the vicinity of the circuit will only be open to vehicles of local residents or special permit holders during the race weekend, and there will likely be heavy traffic throughout Monaco, so we strongly recommend you explore alternative transport options to reach the circuit.

Autocar et bus

Bus 100 is a cost efficient way of travelling to the circuit from Nice (Le Port bus stop). This public bus departs from Nice, via Monaco, terminating in Menton, via scenic roads along the coast. The bus runs every 15 minutes and takes approximately 50 minutes however this time can increase considerably over the race weekend. The less frequent Monaco Express 100X bus can save you around 10 minutes on the journey from Nice to Monaco, however will take a less scenic route.


Taxis can take you close to the circuit but traffic will be busy in the principality over race weekend. From Nice, the journey time is 40-60 minutes.


Trains run regularly (every 10 minutes approximately) between Nice and Monte Carlo Station, taking about 25 minutes. Please be aware that the trains can be very busy on the Sunday and you may have to queue during peak times.

Nice Ville train station is the main station in Nice, located in central Nice just off Avenue Thiers.

Nice Riquier train station is located off Boulevard Pierre Sola.

Monaco Monte Carlo train station is located in the heart of Monaco, off Pont Sainte-Devote. From the station, the harbour area of the circuit is only a few minutes walk away.


Monaco is renowned for its glamorous image and so you won't be out of place taking a helicopter into the Principality. You can pre-book transfers from Nice airport to Monaco Heliport, located near the Avenue du Port in Fontvieille.

The flight time is approximately 10 minutes each way, with Monaco Heliport located around 20 mins walk from the circuit. On Thursday only a chauffeur service is available to take guests to/from a point close to the circuit. On Saturday/Sunday, this is not available due to additional vehicle restrictions around the circuit.

Please be aware that all passengers will need to provide a copy of their passport prior to travel.

À pied

If you are staying in Monaco, then it's generally easiest to walk to to the circuit.


If you are anchored on a cruise ship around Monaco harbour, your cruise liner will probably offer a boat tender to get you to shore. Please check directly with your cruise company for full details.


Pour plus d'informations concernant les trajets internationaux, veuillez consulter notre page Destination et tourisme.

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La date de cette course est basée sur un calendrier provisoire. Ces dates ne vont en principe pas changer, mais ceci ne peut pas être garanti jusqu’à la publication du calendrier confirmé en fin d’année. Si les dates de cet événement changent, la validité de vos billets n’en sera pas affectée. Nous recommandons si possible de réserver les logements et vols/transports de manière flexible ou d’attendre que le calendrier officiel soit confirmé.

Pour plus de tranquillité, vous pouvez contracter notre Assurance Billets lors de votre commande, et vous recevrez un remboursement de votre réservation (frais de livraison et de services inclus) en cas d’un changement de date qui vous empêcherait de pouvoir assister à l’événement.

Circuit de Monaco

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Formule 1