Grand Prix de Formule 1 de Singapour 2020

18 20 sept.

F1 de Singapour 2020Connaught

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Enjoy superb up-close views of the cars as they race across the prominent Esplanade Bridge. Cheer your favourite driver on as they jostle for overtaking opportunities at the Turn 14 right-hander. Just a short walk away from the grandstand, you can enjoy the nightly stellar entertainment performances at the Padang Stage and Downtown.

You will have access to Zone 4.


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Greg Roberts

25 sept. 2019


Singapore Grand Prix 2019

I attended the race in 2017 and that was enough for me to decide to re-visit again in 2019. Fantastic event, so much more than just a motor race - the Country and City are wonderful and the people are great. The race weekend is full of entertainment and although some of the acts this year were not quite my taste, they were nevertheless part of the overall experience. I will, I suspect, be doing this again in the not too distant future. Thanks to Altitude Luxury Travel, we stayed at the Swissotel Stamford on the 57th floor with views of a third of the circuit. The entrance to the circuit is just 50 steps from the hotel and no more than a hundred from City Hall Station - therefore a wonderful location and very comfortable too, although it would be good if they allowed departing guests to shower in the spa before their long journey home (our only real complaint). All in all, I would recommend the experience and the hotel, or alternatively, the Pan Pacific which is where we stayed in 2017. . .

Ian Hastings

23 sept. 2019


Singapore Grand Prix

An excellent weekend full of exciting motor racing and first class concerts

Steve Miller

12 nov. 2018


Awsome weekend both on and off the track

On track racing awesome. Off track entertainment out of this world and all included within your F1 ticket. Most definitely be back.


26 sept. 2018


good but could be much better

did not see groups we were hoping to see as they were in a different zone could not see cars passing as they were behind barriers


26 sept. 2018


Great experience during three days!

The concerts line up was awesome and the outside main stage was really great. The seats allowed to view the tracks and enjoy the pace. Signage was very easy to follow and gates easily accessible. A wonderful experience overall!

Not happy

19 sept. 2018


Good race but very humid

Connaught stand high up seats poor view as cars hug railing. Paid higher price for this stand so disappointed with view


20 sept. 2017


Another well organised Singapore F1 race.

Connaught Grandstand. We didn't manage to get the seats we requested, even booking 10 months in advance, so the allocated seats didn't provide good viewing of the race. Luckily the TV screen was there to watch. Great concerts but didn't see any roving acts around the Padang. Hawker stalls at the Esplanade Grandstand had good food and reasonably priced. There is a need to have the MRT operating to at least 01.30 am, by the time the concerts finished at Zone 4 there were huge queues at City Hall MRT as the last train was 00.30.


25 oct. 2016


2016 Singapore F1

Had a wonderful weekend. Access to the race is very good; 10-15 minutes from the hotel. This was second straight Singapore F1, and w/out major F1 rule changes the race was still pretty predictable: Mercedes up front the rests were battling for 3rd. After race concerts was spectacular. Overall it was a great weekend.


27 sept. 2016


The Best F1 Race i have ever Been too

By far the best F1 Race I have ever been too. The race was so well run and the Staff were so friendly and helpful. The Queen concert was amazing and was included as part of my Ticket. The circuit was very clean all weekend and lots of Things to do and see.


24 sept. 2016


Singapore 2016

Great venue and atmosphere. I wouldn't sit in the Connaught stand again as I think there are better vantage points. However the overall opinion is that it's great to see a night race for a change and the venue is really good and well organised. The after race acts were really good and with the whole weekend had a party atmosphere. Would definitely go again


13 oct. 2015


2015 Singapore F1

It was a blast. Easy and economical access from my hotel to the race site via MRT. Night race was awesome; so, the weather was not too hot. After the race concert stage was nearby the race stands. Finally, Singaporeans are very friendly. The only downside; F1 village location was a bit far from Connaught stand. Look forward to do it again.

Ann Herring

26 sept. 2015


Good facilities;clean

In Connaught grandstand you cannot see the cars very well as they pass the grandstand on that side of the track, so are below you. You can see them coming toward the grandstand though and leaving the corner. Facilities were very good and not really too overpriced. Get there on Thursday to see drivers in the pits.


23 sept. 2015


4 star

I was first time in Singapore F1 race 2013 and now two years later this happening has groved too much money business. Too much drunk people. No possible enymore use drivers support sheet on railings. Too much police feelings. For me that was last visit to Singapore F1 race. Next year another place (maybe Barcelona).


21 sept. 2015


Best grand prix experience on the calendar

Having been to 4 grand prix across Europe and also Silverstone, I can honestly say that singapore is of a different class. From the organisation and ease of getting there, to the facilities inside including full bars and restaurants at the theatres by the bay, and to top the night with performances from world class musicians (Maroon 5, Bon Jovi), im not sure I'll be able to enjoy future grand prix ever again! Thanks to book f1 our seats were awesome - from high up on the connaught grandstand can see right down the back drs straight, as well as over to the Stamford grandstand area.


21 sept. 2015


Singapore GP 2015

This is a first class operation operating in confined quarters. There was plenty of well informed and polite staff, excellent signage, plentiful porta-potties, water while not free was available everywhere etc. The Connaught stand is too close to the track and too short for proper viewing unless you like a row 1 face in the catch fence experience. The video screen was well placed for us. We also had a good view of the drunk on track. Plenty of hotels within walking distance and great access to public transportation.


21 sept. 2015



Very good


22 sept. 2014


Great Event, people late to arrive and view not so good

Last year I was sat in the Padang section and for similar money I thought I would try the Connaught Grandstand. In theory this section should give a good view from the exit of the Anderson Bridge into Connaught and the hard braking area before a hard right into the next section. I was in row 9, which is the second row of the second section before the track, this means all the access stairs lead to the walkway in front of the section section. Two problems here, the staff checking tickets were not only stood at the bottom of the stairs, but also at the top. They were trying to stay out of the way but a particular Policeman insisted on standing in the exact spot that blocked the view of the corner. As is turned out the cars were so close the wall, people in the first section and the majority of the second section couldnt see the cars until they took this turn. Eventually someone asked if he could stand elsewhere and he shuffled off grumbling. Generally, people arrived late, left early, continually wanted to get up and take pictures, go for beer, go for food. I know its a public event and a party weekend, but for just 2 hours, it would be good if people could sit and focus on the main event. If this were a stage show, the doors would be locked a minute before the start!

Adam B

09 oct. 2013


Connaught view

We purchased Connaught seats on the basis of reviews on BookF1 and specifically requested seats high up and towards Block A8 so that we could see two sections of track. We got tickets on the back row of Block A7 so whilst it wasn't exactly where we wanted we still got to see two sections of track which was still good. One piece of advice I would give to anyone looking to buy tickets in this stand is that the stand is on the outside entrance to Turn 14 which means the racing line runs right next to the wall at the front of the stand. This makes it very difficult to see the cars well under normal circumstances (when the cars are directly in front of you you can just about see the top half of the cars). If cars are attempting to overtake by outbraking each other in to Turn 14 then you get a better view but this didn't happen too often in the 2013 race. For good views (and photographs) of the cars you're actually better off standing on the other side of the track in the general admission area of the circuit (there is an underpass near to Connaught which you can use to get to the other side in about 5 mins) but from the standing position you obviously don't have a seat and you also cannot see the big screen which faces the Connaught stand. The only other point I'd make is about the ticketing by Singapore GP. They make a very big deal about the 'Early bird' prices which are only available on 3 day tickets. The way the tickets were advertised seemed to suggest that buying a 3 day ticket was the only option so we got the early bird tickets. Two months after the end of the early bird promotion the organisers released single day tickets which were considerably cheaper. It's worth bearing this in mind if you're thinking of getting tickets.


30 sept. 2013


Fantastic venue - better than Melbourne

Singapore is the best Grand Prix experience. I am normally corporate but venue facilities entertainment and atmosphere are second to none A thoroughly enjoyable experience

Craig and Sam

25 sept. 2013


Singapore Connaught 2013

Very good weekend with good view of the track and good screen view for timing updates, Connaught excellently placed for access to food, drink and main entertainment stage in Padang. Beer not as expensive as led to believe with plenty of choices of bars, $12 a pint typical. Food could have been better and a little disappointing considering it was Asia, but plenty of choice for the palate.

Infos importantes

Billets enfants

Child tickets are available in the Pit and Stamford grandstands. These are available for children aged 16 and under at the time of the race.

Children below the age of seven will only be admitted if the parent/guardian signs a letter of undertaking to indemnify SGPPL from any liability arising from their decision to bring with them children under the age of seven. If you require this form, please contact us directly.

Billets mobilité réduite

Please contact us for more information regarding tickets for spectators with special access requirements.

infos supplémentaires

Zone Access

Walkabout tickets provide General Admission standing entry.

Ticket zone access is as follows:

  • Bay Grandstand - Zones 3, 4
  • Connaught Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Padang Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Stamford Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Zone 4 Walkabout - Zone 4
  • Pit Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Empress Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Super Pit Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Premier Walkabout - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Turn 1 Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Turn 2 Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Turn 3 Premier Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4

Combination Packages

Experience the weekend with a different viewing area each day:

  • Zone 1 Walkabout Combination Package - Pit (Fri), Pit (Sat), Premier Walkabout (Sun)
  • Padang Combination Package - Stamford (Fri), Pit (Sat), Padang (Sun)
  • Pit Combination Package - Padang (Fri), Stamford (Sat), Pit (Sun)
  • Stamford Combination Package - Pit (Fri), Padang (Sat), Stamford (Sun)

Please be aware that as you will have a different ticket for each day, you will only be able to access the Zones that correspond with that day's ticket.

Group Booking Offer

A discount will be applied to bookings of 4 or more 3-day adult tickets in the following areas:

  • Bay Grandstand
  • Padang Grandstand
  • Stamford Grandstand

This discount will be automatically applied to your basket.

Weekend Entertainment

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is famous for its off-track entertainment and 2020 will be no exception. Stay tuned for entertainment announcements.


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