Grand Prix de Formule 1 de Singapour 2020

18 20 sept.
Turn 3 Premier

F1 de Singapour 2020Turn 3 Premier

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Speed. Deceleration. Overtake. Full throttle on. Offering compelling views of drivers competing for overtaking opportunities at Sheares (Turn 1). Watch as they brake to 80km/h before tackling Turn 3, dial up the power and thrust full force down Republic Boulevard. Spectators will also be able to see the cars rejoin the action on the track as they exit the Pit Lane.

The specially curated Turn 3 Premier Grandstand offers an upgraded experience, which includes a bespoke bar, trackside dining area, wider seats with extra leg room and arm rests. Each ticket includes 2 meal vouchers, 2 snack vouchers and 6 drink vouchers per day.

You will have access to Zone 1 , Zone 2 , Zone 3 and Zone 4.


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Turn 3 Premier

Turn 3 Premier


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Simon S

24 sept. 2018


Expectations full realised at Singapore F1

Excellent location at Turn Three with First Class facilities provided, within the Hospitality package.... Grandstand seats gave marvellous view of track and Screen opposite enabled you to see all the action on circuit.

Les Molnar billingham

19 sept. 2017


best race so far

Singapore grand prix, is a must for anybody that loves speed action and the smell, porshe and Ferrari racing excellent

Robert Fairhall

15 oct. 2016


Excellent Grand Prix

If you only ever go to one formula 1 grand prix, make it this one. What a great experience for vision of racing, track facilities, and transportation to and from the circuit. It was a pleasant surprise coming straight from Monza. The Turn 3 Premier seats were not cheap but well worth the money.

Robert Aitken

27 sept. 2016


A great weekend

While not cheap to go to, the Singapore F1 race is a worth the effort. The Turn 3 Premier ticket provides food and drink in abundance. The location gives a limited view of the actual circuit but the large screens mean you don't miss any of the action. Off track entertainment was also excellent. As well as attending the race we stayed an extra two days to see the local sights, well worth it. Bare in mind that it is very hot and humid so we found small battery powered fans extremely useful; unless you can afford the most expensive tickets there is no air-conditioning to give respite from the heat.


20 sept. 2016


Great race

I have been to the Austin race and now the Singapore race. It is a very nice facility and it is very easy to access the track from multiple locations in the city. The staff working the event were very friendly and the entertainment off the track was very good too. Would recommend to out it on your list. The turn three premier were great seats and a food value. We never used all the vouchers in any day. You get a lot of food and drink for the money, well worth it.

Barry Williams

19 sept. 2016


First Grand Prix

This was my first ever Grand Prix and It's made me want to visit all the others! Singapore put on a tremendous event which I will never forget. The organisation and staging of it was absolutely brilliant and I think anyone with even a cursory interest in motorsports could not help but be swept away by the atmosphere! The people of Singapore should be proud of their event. They were magnificent! I would recommend this Grand Prix to anybody and everybody

Trevor John

19 sept. 2016


Convenient but expensive

The facilities are very convenient and the staff assisting guests was exceptional, but it's a lot of extra $ to pay compared to Turn 3. The promoters need more signs outside the track with directions to gates - it's too easy to get lost through the myriad of shopping centres.


11 oct. 2015


fantastic experience

This was our first F1 race and Singapore didn't disappoint. The MRT system allows easy access to the track, F1 staff extremely helpful and polite. Turn 3 premiere was a good choice as we had great views of the track with some meals and drink included. Toilet facilities were also very good. were very helpful and we did get the row and seats we requested which was great. The tickets were delivered in good time by courier before we left home. Singapore is a fantastic place to visit with lots to do ... we will be back!

simon morriss

24 sept. 2015


Great tickets and location on track, easy to get to via multiple transport gates



23 sept. 2014


Can Be Improved

the SG F1 is very well done BUT not enough racing. I think the course could open at midday instead of 3-30pm and fill the program with other car racing like Australian V8 Supercars, Go-Karts, saloon cars. I believe it will generate more money more interest and provide fulldays racing with the F1 being the penultimate. Having 3 races only was disappointing. The commentators for other than the F1 were seriously not world class and most of the people in Turn 3 Premier felt the same. Just not informative where Neil Crompton on the F1 was excellent, interesting to listen to modulated voice a professional. It seemed the Vintage and Porsche Asia are much less important so the organisers just added in whoever. Some of the music acts as per the program did not perform at all with no explanation. Overall 2014 was a great Grand prix but much more racing would be much more valuable.


08 oct. 2013


Information re access to circuit should have arrived with the tickets

Very well organized re meal vouchers, seat allocations,TV Screens and commentary..Wonderful experience to witness it all.


23 sept. 2013


Excellent Weekend!

My first F1 experience and a gift to my husband for his milestone bday! It couldn't be better from booking the tickets to the end! Perfect spot and view, services, food, hospitality, well worth the money spent!

Ewan Ross

24 sept. 2012


Excellent Singapore weekend

As I had my two teenage daughters with me we had a long walk from Zone 1 to see both Maroon 5 and Katie Perry . If main arena concerts were to be attended I would recommend zone 1 or 2 tickets. On saying that old dad watched The Proclamers and the Pretenders at zone1 and really enjoyed!!!!!

Bob & Gail

03 oct. 2011


Singapore - 3 Day Event

Day 1 - it would have been good if we had read the tickets and realised no entry to circuit before 3.00 p.m. (our fault) - first drinks were very expensive but alternative sources available for food and drink within the race grounds and thereafter all was good on this front - entertainment good - race and support races, practice and qualifying good - could have been a little more action on track to fill in some of the wait Day 2 & 3 - excellent atmosphere - very enjoyable - Republic Grandstand in good position

Paul O'Connor

27 sept. 2011


The best there is!

There is nothing that could have been better about the whole Singapore race experience. The view was first class (from Turn 3 Republic we could see the end of the pit lane and turns 1 2 and 3) and the overall organisation was fantastic! Singapore felt very safe , it was great (and unexpected) to have so many support musical acts, and despite the big attendance the organisers made sure people were able to move around very smoothly with no feeling of big crowds. It must be the best global race exp[erience on the sporting calender


26 sept. 2011


Great event with plenty of off-track entertainment

The most off-track entertainment I have ever experienced on a race weekend. The transport connections were fantastic allowing for seamless route to and from the track. High quality organisational work by the track officials and the most courteous ushers and attendants.


16 oct. 2010



Great helpful and friendly service by BookF1 would use them again. We had a small delay getting the tickets but the office pulled out all of the stops to make sure we recieved them before we left the UK and they arrived 1 hour before we left for the airport thankfully :) but BookF1 had backup plans in place if they didn't arrive in time. For furture Singapore F1 visitors I would advise having a good idea of which MRT station you need to use to get to and from the track to your entry gate and be ready for changes, on the Friday some MRT stations were to busy and closed down so we had to try and find an alternative station. There is a small 7Eleven under the Singapore flyer which sells drinks (including beer) food and snacks at very good prices compared to the rest of the track vendors, the store is inside the track security screening area's so buying drinks is not a problem. We paid 5 dollars for a beer in the shop track vendors were charging 20 dollars. If you want to get some good pictures of the F1 cars get a seat high up in the stands you are a little bit further away from the action but you won't end up with the fence in all of your pictures. If you want to see the main entertainment go for a ticket that is close by to that area, our seat (turn 3) were a good 30 minutes walk from the stage were Missy Elliot and Mariah Carrey were playing so getting there in time for a good view would have meant missing qualifying and the last 15 laps of the grand prix. The merchandise specfic to the Singapore F1 i.e. t-shirts are sold at half price on the Sunday so if you want one it is worth waiting.

Russell Whelan

29 sept. 2010



Although I did have a great time, as did my friend, the seats were not exactly where I requested. Let me first say that we could see the race very well. We had a great time and I would book my tickets with you again without hesitation. However, as I wanted seats on Turn 3 as close to the Turn 2 stands as possible and as high in elevation as possible, meaning right under the 'Sky Seating', we were down a few rows and room was very cramped. My friend Nate is 6'6" and there was leg room enough for someone 5'8"-ish. He sat in seat 1 so his legs could extend slightly past the seat in front of him on the left hand side in the isle. Our seats were, A1, Row 15, Seat 1-2. I wanted the upper most seats so we would actually have no one in front of us. There were about 5 more rows above us, & the highest row extended to the end of the stands. The isle went right up to the last row, and the few lucky ones who were sitting there with leg room and a slightly better view...


27 sept. 2010


Fantastic F1 in Singapre

The weekend was superb no complaints whatsover. Travelling to and from the circuit by MRT was a piece of cake to where we stayed on Orchard road. All circuit personnel were extremely polite and the daily entertainment excellent. Plently of toilets, all of which were very well looked after throughout the 3 days. Has to be the best road circuit event to attend. Our view from Turn 3 was great and the screens kept us updated at all times. Only problem is the price of the beer but I can live with that!

Infos importantes

Billets enfants

Child tickets are available in the Pit and Stamford grandstands. These are available for children aged 16 and under at the time of the race.

Children below the age of seven will only be admitted if the parent/guardian signs a letter of undertaking to indemnify SGPPL from any liability arising from their decision to bring with them children under the age of seven. If you require this form, please contact us directly.

Billets mobilité réduite

Please contact us for more information regarding tickets for spectators with special access requirements.

infos supplémentaires

Zone Access

Walkabout tickets provide General Admission standing entry.

Ticket zone access is as follows:

  • Bay Grandstand - Zones 3, 4
  • Connaught Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Padang Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Stamford Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Zone 4 Walkabout - Zone 4
  • Pit Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Empress Grandstand - Zone 4
  • Super Pit Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Premier Walkabout - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Turn 1 Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Turn 2 Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Turn 3 Premier Grandstand - Zones 1, 2, 3, 4

Combination Packages

Experience the weekend with a different viewing area each day:

  • Zone 1 Walkabout Combination Package - Pit (Fri), Pit (Sat), Premier Walkabout (Sun)
  • Padang Combination Package - Stamford (Fri), Pit (Sat), Padang (Sun)
  • Pit Combination Package - Padang (Fri), Stamford (Sat), Pit (Sun)
  • Stamford Combination Package - Pit (Fri), Padang (Sat), Stamford (Sun)

Please be aware that as you will have a different ticket for each day, you will only be able to access the Zones that correspond with that day's ticket.

Group Booking Offer

A discount will be applied to bookings of 4 or more 3-day adult tickets in the following areas:

  • Bay Grandstand
  • Padang Grandstand
  • Stamford Grandstand

This discount will be automatically applied to your basket.

Weekend Entertainment

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is famous for its off-track entertainment and 2020 will be no exception. Stay tuned for entertainment announcements.


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