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The Tempelhof circuit is a short 20 minute drive or public transport commute from the centre of Germany's capital, Berlin. Berlin's combination of glamour and grit will mesmerise those keen to explore its vibrant culture; cutting-edge architecture alongside its iconic history, and not to forget - the fabulous food!

Berliners follow the motto 'live and let live', there is emphasis on freedom and a creative lifestyle as apposed to the materialistic. This laid-back vibe runs hand in hand with the buzz of the city - it's almost like it's in its own little world where time stands still, providing the perfect backdrop to experience new mobility combined with racing.

This city's richly textured history will confront you at every turn. It is a place that staged a revolution, was home to Nazi headquarters, bombed almost beyond repair, divided in two and then reunited once again. Berlin really is a bucket-list location, make your trip to the ePrix unforgettable by mixing the electric atmosphere of race day with the rich culture of this amazing place!

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Trajets internationaux

The closest and main airport to Tempelhof circuit is Tegel (TXL) located just three miles (5km) from the city and well connected via the underground system. Alternatively, there's Schönefeld Airport (SXF), situated around 11 miles (18km) from the city. Both offer easy access via public transport.


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Activités et visites

Walk along remnants of the Berlin Wall, see the Reichstag, take in the grandeur of a Prussian palace, visit Checkpoint Charlie or stand in the very room where the Holocaust was planned. Berlin is endlessly fascinating, and the past is very much present wherever you go.

However, if that isn't up your street, it's not all history and culture. It has been said that Berlin is the true city that never sleeps. (Forget New York!) There is a trendy and unique club scene in Berlin, from tiny basement clubs to canopied beer and cocktail gardens. The city's vast spectrum caters to every taste, budget and age group.


The weather in Berlin is very similar to the UK, just with less rain! In May you can expect it to be warm and sunny, but always take an umbrella just in case!

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