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The circuit is located at the foothills of the Andes on the outskirts of Termas de Rio Hondo, a resort city on the Dulce River. The most common draw to the area is the namesake of the town itself, the naturally occurring hot springs which are known for their healing properties. The area is also known for its guitar music, a beautiful style of guitar named Charango. In more recent years, the town has become known for it's motorsport connections. Since 2014, since the redesign of the circuit, MotoGP has become a regular fixture (and the only fixture in South America), and more recently has also become a stop in the world famous Dakar Rally.

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Activités et visites

Aside from the motor racing, the city is a popular resort town in Argentina. People travel from far and wide to visit both the naturally occurring hot springs, and the plethora of resort spas that have opened in the area.

As one of the worlds largest beef exporters, high quality beef is very popular with the locals at very reasonable prices. Roadside Parilla's (barbecues) also offer a range of freshly cooked options, which can't be enjoyed without their famous accompaniment; Chimchurri - a blend of oils, spices and chilli. In hotels and restaurants, you'll find a range of steak. The most expensive and delicious steak by anyone's recommendation is Bife de Chorizo; a steak seasoned and matured in a chorizo mix.

The food delights, however, do not stop there. National delicacies that must be tried include Empanadas (pasties), Alfajores (shortbread biscuits sandwiching dulce de leche) and the famous drink - Yerba Mate - a bitter leaf based tea that is enjoyed in groups, in a single cup, drank through a metallic straw.


The weather is typical of regions on the edge of the Andes range in South America, consistently between warm and hot. As it is located in the foot hills of the Andes mountain range, weather can be changeable, and the area can experience heavy rain.

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