Gran Premio di Abu Dhabi di Formula 1 2020

27 29 novProvvisoria
Yas Suite - North

F1 di Abu Dhabi 2020Yas Suite - North

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I biglietti per la Yas Suite sono un modo fantastico di passare il weekend in quanto offrono agli spettatori la possibilità di guardare le azioni di gara dalla comodità di una suite riservata e condizionata. Il pacchetto è offerto con validità di tre giorni (venerdì, sabato e domenica) ed è situato in una posizione di primo livello nelle tribune Main, North o West. La Yas Suite è senza dubbio uno dei modi più emozionanti per godersi lo sport più affascinante del mondo!

Abu dhabi yas suite north trackview
Abu dhabi yas suite north al dhyiafa

Il pacchetto include:

  • Posto riservato in una terrazza esterna ai piani più alti della tribuna che hai scelto
  • Accesso ad una suite privata con aria condizionata, arredamento moderno e schermi TV
  • Bevande analcoliche illimitate
  • Cibo caldo e freddo illimitato per tutto il giorno
  • Bar dove acquistare bevande alcoliche (solo contanti accettati)

Il supplemento Super Parks Pass è disponibile con questo pacchetto. Con questo pass avrai anche accesso illimitato al Ferrari World, Yas Water World Abu Dhabi e Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi da mercoledì a domenica. Il Super Parks Pass è disponibile su richiesta; contattaci se vuoi sapere il prezzo.


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28 nov 2017


somewhat disappointing

Overall the venue is excellent, efficient and well organised but the racing is poor because there are only F1, F2 and F3 cars racing the whole weekend and the track layout does not induce any excitement or overtaking. We paid extra for Al Dhiyafa North but the rooms were freezing cold with most people complaining about it but management would not change the settings. The hot food was very disappointing e.g. tough meats, overcooked potatoes and soggy fried fish, and the 'big screens' in reality are only desk top monitor size. Not enough toilets either.

Simon Askew

27 nov 2017


Very expensive lacking on track races

Food awful and overpriced, Once you’ve spent your hard earned cash getting there you’re bombarded with people trying to sell you upgrades... exhausting! Security refused to let me take in a water bottle with ½ a pint in.... that’s verging on criminal IMHO I take issue with the term giant screen, they were the smallest I’ve ever seen. Race commentary very poor and having music pumped though the PA louder than any of the cars or the commentary was ridiculous. Arabic commentator obviously more knowledge than the English. Didn’t come close to Silverstone.


02 dic 2015


Fab Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Absolutely loved this grand prix, so well organised. Free transport to & from and around track. Polite, courteous staff who go the extra mile. Stunning location and with gorgeous weather. Hospitality suites are well worth money with drinks & food served all day as much as you want in air conditioned suites.

Gaetano, "Forza Ferrari sempre"

04 nov 2013


fantastic event even for solo dissabled fan

3d time in 4 years, i adapt to temp, which isopk at F1 start time. Track staff are genuinely happy & supportive of my needs, and are abundant to help anyone Circuit continues to amaze, this time at North thpugh I thiink Westt is best to see overtaking (South #3 for me) to see action. Fans base as not as enthused as in Europe or OZ, A fine event in a confusing city as very gfw street signs to locate oneself (or find a beer) But I'll come back thanks to great support of, best in business aad only I use now after more than 50 f1 events


04 nov 2013


Fantastic place

What can I say about Yas Marina? Very clean, easy to access by car or taxi, no sitting in traffic queues, parking is efficient and close to the track, free shuttle buses are laid on, all staff there are very friendly and welcoming, even G4S security aren't too bad but be aware that it is very hot the only really cool place is in the toilets. You can't take any food or drink into the circuit and there is limited choice once your in there, plus you can only take water in to the actual grandstands. I would thoroughly recommend the circuit and Abu Dhabi it was just a shame that the race was so boring.

Paul Davidson

06 nov 2012


Abu Dhabi

Had a great trip. Not sure I would go in the North next time , others seem to think that the South was better for the view. We didnt use the Thurs-Fri tickets. Food was average and and limited, on Sat they stopped serving around 5pm.

R Graham-South Africa

25 nov 2011


Great venue, limited overtaking, the food wasn't eatable

This was my second year in a row to see the F1 at Yas Marina but I wonâ??t be coming back anytime soon. On the plus side: Great venue with friendly people willing to help you find your way around and easy parking and facility access. The UAE is a very safe and modern area to visit when compared to some other places on the schedule and a viist to the Liwa Oasis to climb the huge dunes is a must. Parking passes were included with every 2 tickets and the concerts were also included in the ticket price. We drove from Dubai to the Yas Circuit every day and found the trip to be less than an hour each way even on race day. On the other side: The racing at this track is not very exciting as it is very difficult to pass. I have had seats in the North Grandstands the past two years which gives a nice view of the run down to the hairpin but there is no real chance of overtaking except for backmarkers. If I did go again I might choose the South Grandstand if only because it is the end of the DRS zone. The food at the facility was terrible. I expect and donâ??t mind paying high cost for food at an event like this and I donâ??t mind the limited selectionâ?¦I do understand Iâ??m not going to a restaurant. At Yas Marina Circuit the food quality is so poor that most items cannot be eaten and are pitched in the bin. I heard so many complaints about the food you can not believe. For race fans like me, these are all day events and eating is something one has to do. We started packing sandwiches in and eating in the Red Parking next to the North Grandstand just so we could survive.


16 nov 2011


Amazing Abu Dhabi

Fantastic place with great views and stunning back drop,, when the sun drops and the lights take over it is magical Concert afterwards by our kid Paul MaCartney just amazing too

Scott P Chamberlin

14 nov 2011


Thanks Great Weekend

Thanks, What really makes this a world class event is the event workers/staff/security, the most helpful.

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Pass Super Park

Il Pass Super Park è solo disponibile con biglietti validi per 3 giorni. Il pass include accesso illimitato al Ferrari World, al parco acquatico Yas Water World Abu Dhabi e al Warner Bros World™ Abu Dhabi.

Golden Circle Upgrade

Questo pass offer accesso ad una categoria superiore per assistere ai concerti del dopogara. L’upgrade deve essere acquistato insieme ad un biglietto per la gara ed è disponibile per un periodo limitato.

Accesso alla Corsia Box

Tutti i possessori di biglietti per tribune e prato validi per 3 giorni avranno accesso alla corsia box il giovedì (ancora soggetto a conferma).

Concerti del Dopogara

I biglietti includono accesso ai concerti del dopogara nel giorno di validità. Gli artisti che si esibiranno verranno confermati più vicino alla gara. Tutti i possessori di biglietti validi per 3 giorni avranno accesso alla zona prato il giovedì per assistere allo spettacolo.

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