Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Gran Premio di Singapore 2020

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Padang Combination Package

F1 Singapore Airlines GP di Singapore 2019Padang Combination Package

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  • Friday: Stamford
  • Saturday: Pit
  • Sunday: Padang

To enjoy the best of what the Marina Bay Street Circuit has to offer, spectators can opt for the Combination Package which provides the flexibility to explore different parts of the circuit on each of the three days.

The Padang Combination enables patrons to check out the racing action from the Stamford Grandstand in Zone 4 on Friday, Pit Grandstand in Zone 1 on Saturday and the Padang Grandstand in Zone 4 on Sunday.

Please note that each grandstand category provides access to different zones over the three days.


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Bay Grandstand

Bay Grandstand

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Darren Coates

16 ott 2019


It was a fantastic weekend

Our seats were great, brilliant position and views and that’s on all 3 stands that we sat in. The tickets, information and clarity of what we had to do was perfect, I would definitely book it with BookF1 if I ever go to another Grand Prix .

Darren Coates

16 ott 2019


It was a fantastic weekend

Our seats were great, brilliant position and views and that’s on all 3 stands that we sat in. The tickets, information and clarity of what we had to do was perfect, I would definitely book it with BookF1 if I ever go to another Grand Prix .

Sue, South Africa

25 set 2019


First class Singapore experience

An amazing weekend that was organised so well. Not once did I have to queue. The volunteers who worked at this event were so courteous and helpful, even smiling at the end of a very long and extremely hot day, wishing us a good evening, see you tomorrow and on the final day - look forward to seeing you next year. Entertainment was first class. Amazing weekend, but be prepared for the heat - a fan and towel are essential items.

Lewis Hamilton fan

23 set 2019


F1 Singapore

Brilliant 3-day event. 4 stars instead of 5 us because I wish I had been advised when booking my ticket whilst speaking with the rep, I could've chosen my seat on the pit grandstand opposite the Mercedes pit bay. I didn't realise I could do that.


14 gen 2018


Singapore GP

Have been to this event for the last 3 years awesome weekend well organised never had a bad time Singapore is a really good location

Mr & Mrs P. Devonpoirt

19 set 2017


Grand Prix - Singapore

The tickets we had were very good - next to the main entertainment stage and adjacent the long stretch in front of 'City-Hall' for both of us they were very good. The amount of forged tickets and ticket touts selling everywhere at the venue I was please we had the tickets already.


19 set 2017


Fantastic Singapore

For my first F1 GP I couldn't have chosen better. The atmosphere at the Marina Bay circuit was amazing, under lights in the tropical night. Just fantastic. The event was incredibly well organised and a little rain at the start of the GP added an extra bit of excitement.

Sharon Young

06 ott 2016


Great event in Singapore

We had a great weekend, Event was well organised inside the gates - we found finding the gates from the MRT not very well marked. Seemed to walk for ages to get to gates, and there were not many posters telling you which way gates were - mostly we just followed the crowds. Public transport is cheap which is good and very efficient to get around. Entertainment around the track was great, Food in most area's was good too. Toilets were a bit average, the small caravan type are better for an international event - not portable toilets (YUK) but during the day they were well maintained by staff. Just concert time they became very ugly... Over all I rate it a 4 start event. Its a shame next year is the last night race in Singapore...

Arno Watson/ Deanne Vorster

04 ott 2016


Exellent (but expensive) sweat filled weekend

The organization and arrangements were excellent. The evening entertainment was also excellent. It was an extremely humid and hot weekend and race goers must be prepared for this. You will sweat a lot with the drivers and crews! Be prepared to walk a lot to make it worth while. The Padang Combinaton package was an excellent choice. We suspect the Premium Walkabout Package might be a good option to consider as well. The one consideration we have as the total expense for this weekend: the race tickets at $ 513 per ticket is already expensive in our terms and to add on top of that the really expensive food and beverage prices at the circuit- S$ 14 for a draft beer and S$ 3-5 for a 600ml water is really expensive in any currency. The organizers should reconsider this way of operating as with the attendance already down this year, it might very well be a sign of the times.

Gary White

20 set 2016


Very disappointed

Bought our tickets nine months in advance but quickly realised from wrong source as not one seat requested was supplied.Since each grandstand had same people surrounding us nobody got what they asked for! Food and drink was in the most part just average and very expensive.Have you actually eaten any of what was on offer?And it,s obvious why any decent food is prohibited ,forces you to eat the c..p on offer.Will put a full report on my Facebook page,Gary White Racing

Susan Mason

19 set 2016


Excellent Weekend

Very well organised, great weekend, no queues, friendly people, fantastic weekend, exceeded expectations would highly recommend and would come again

Penelope Allen

01 ott 2015



From the minute the tickets arrived, which was well in time before our departure, we knew that we had something to look forward to. The itinerary, was informative and everything worked out to precision. Will definitely use Book F!.com again, as the whole package we purchased gave us good view points.


27 set 2015


Brilliant weekend

Ignore the negative comments from the TV Crowd the weekend is an exceptional experience and the racing fast and enjoyable

Jennifer Craney

26 set 2015


Singapore Grand Prix

Absolutely spectacular weekend. Plenty of food, drinks and entertainment. Staff very helpful and efficient. Concerts A1 including Mr Bon Jovi. Weather was great. A very carnivally atmosphere. I thought Padang (Zone 4) was by far the best viewing for the race. Large grassed area provided a welcome sit down and great meeting place for friends. I would get the Padang package next time. There is a lot of entertainment in that area . Ticketing. Be prepared to wait in a very long queue if you buy your tickets on the friday in Singapore. If you buy your tickets overseas u have to pay $85 but you go to the front of the queue. I found better tickets (especially one day tickets) became available if you wait and buy in Singapore eg. Can buy single Padang for $158. When I go next time I will buy my single tickets (for Sat and Sun) on Saturday before the gates open as there is no queue. World Class Event. Congratulations Singapore.


24 set 2015


Great weekend

easy to get to well organised great value


24 set 2015



Ok but view of some seats could be better

The Lyons

23 set 2015


F1 Fabulous under lights.

Booking was easy and delivery of tickets although expensive was worth having. After reading prior reviews was initially disappointed that we had seat rows below safety barrier level for 2 days but in fact they did not distract and was better being close to the track. Found Padang & fan zone very humid due to being enclosed so pack lots of wet wipes & small towel! Pit lane was fabulous despite price would consider that grandstand for the 3 days if we returned in the future, just further from the Padang stage. Found some signposts lacking on the first day but plenty of help around when you arrive at the circuit. Food & drink at circuit a little expensive but was good quality if you looked around, better value in the Padang area. Even the portable toilets were kept clean and well stocked. Concerts great even though we were flagging from humidity & jet lag! Singapore is a fantastic place to spend a few days so extend your stay. All in all a truly enjoyable & memorable experience.

lheanna collins

22 set 2015


bay grandstand

The bay grandstand is not great for the race but amazing as a city view.

Ron Brinsdpn

22 set 2015


1st Time to Singapore GP - Learned a Lot for Next Time

And there will certainly be a next time! Would pick tickets more carefully next time and look for specific turns or sections. Padang grandstand for the race was picked for easy access to the Park so my wife could see Bon Jovi afterwards, a walk from the pit area (Zone 1) would have taken about 30 minutes plus and meant not seeing the Podium action and missing the start of the concert. All in all a wonderful experience - not just the circuit action but Singapore itself.

Mark Shaw

25 set 2014


Singapore Grand Prix a MUST DO!!!

Amazing atmosphere, great experience

Informazioni Importanti


I biglietti per bambini sono disponibili nelle tribune Pit e Stamford ed i bambini devono avere 16 anni o meno al momento della gara.

I bambini sotto i 7 anni sono ammessi solo se i genitori firmano una lettera dove si impegnano a risarcire il Singapore Grand Prix per qualsiasi responsabilità che derivi dalla loro decisione di portare bambini sotto i 7 anni. Contattaci se hai bisogno del modulo.

Persone Diversamente Abili

Contattaci per avere informazioni sui biglietti per persone diversamente abili.

Ulteriori Informazioni

Accesso alle Zone

I biglietti Walkabout sono un biglietto d’ingresso circolare senza posti a sedere.

I biglietti danno accesso alle Zone come segue:

  • Tribuna Bay - Zone 3, 4
  • Tribuna Connaught - Zona 4
  • Tribuna Padang - Zona 4
  • Tribuna Stamford - Zona 4
  • Zona 4 Walkabout - Zona 4
  • Tribuna Pit - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Super Pit - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Premier Walkabout - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Turn 1 - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Turn 2 - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Turn 3 Premier - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4

Biglietti Combinati

Vivi il Gran Premio ogni giorno da una tribuna differente:

  • Biglietto Combinato Zona 1 Walkabout - Tribuna Pit (venerdì), Tribuna Pit (sabato), Premier Walkabout (domenica)
  • Biglietto Combinato Padang - Tribuna Stamford (venerdì), Tribuna Pit (sabato), Tribuna Padang (domenica)
  • Biglietto Combinato Pit - Tribuna Padang (venerdì), Tribuna Stamford (sabato), Tribuna Pit (domenica)
  • Biglietto Combinato Stamford - Tribuna Pit (venerdì), Tribuna Padang (sabato), Tribuna Stamford (domenica).

Siccome avrai un biglietto differente ogni giorno, potrai accedere solo alle Zone che corrispondono al giorno di ogni biglietto.

Offerta per Prenotazioni di Gruppo

Uno sconto viene applicato per ordini di biglietti validi per 3 giorni per 4 persone (o oltre) nelle seguenti aree:

  • Tribuna Pit
  • Tribuna Connaught
  • Tribuna Empress
  • Tribuna Padang
  • Tribuna Stamford
  • Premier Walkabout

Lo sconto verrà applicato automaticamente nel carrello.


Il Marina Bay Street Circuit è famoso anche per gli spettacoli che organizza durante il weekend di gara ed il 2020 non sarà da meno.


Una volta che hai deciso quali biglietti acquistare, potrai scegliere il metodo di consegna nel carrello.


Tutte le informazioni in questo profilo sono da usare solamente come indicazione.

Questo prodotto e le sue caratteristiche potrebbero essere soggetti a cambiamenti senza preavviso e pertanto non è garantito che le informazioni e il contenuto del profilo siano aggiornati o una rappresentazione esatta dell’esperienza. Se hai qualche domanda più specifica sullo Padang Combination Package non esitare a contattarci.

Le immagini e i materiali sono soggette a copyright e di proprietà dei rispettivi proprietari.

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