Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Gran Premio di Singapore 2020

18 20 set
Premier Walkabout

F1 Singapore Airlines GP di Singapore 2019Premier Walkabout

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Create your very own race experience from different vantage points at the various viewing platforms strategically located throughout the Circuit Park. This ticket allows you the flexibility to catch the race from Zone 1 through to Zone 4. Watch the gripping action unfold at the first and final sequences of corners, Pit Lane entry and exit, and sweeping right-hander at Turn 5.

Premier Walkabout ticketholders can also indulge in a multitude of entertainment, food and beverage options available across the entire Circuit Park.

You will have access to Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.


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Viewing Platforms

Viewing Platforms


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24 nov 2019


Singapore F1 2019 weekend

An absolutely fantastic experience! We had the 3 day premier walkabout tickets which are great value for money, considering the amount of racing you could watch and the entertainment provided. The bookf1 team were efficient, friendly and professional and dealt with all queries and issues with interest and a sense of urgency and very personal in their approach. Overall a fantastic experience! Thank you!

Paul knight

06 ott 2019


Super Singapore

We brought premier walkabout tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix through, and I can honestly say the whole process and service was second to none. I couldn’t fault anything. We had to rearrange our delivery of tickets to our hotel in Singapore which was done and our tickets where waiting for us when we arrived . The race experience was incredible even my wife loved everything. Would highly recommend and we will definitely be using them again for future race tickets.

Mad Marty

27 set 2019


Amazing event

First time eveer I attend a Formula1 Grand Prix. And I haven't been disapointed. Top views on track, proximity with single-seaters in action, awesome rock shows, good food, nice spectator flow management. And big thanks to all young red-shirt volunteers. I want to go back there


24 set 2019


A true spectacle under lights

I have had an absolutely amazing week in Singapore with of course the highlight being the F1 spectacle. It is a truly unmissable event, every time I glanced at the big screen I could not believe that I was sat watching it live!! We opted for the premier walkabout tickets and could not recommend any higher! We were randomly allocated seats on Friday and Saturday. Both sets of seats were on the pit straight and it gave an incredible view into the pit boxes and of course the track. The 2 presenters that were on camera across the big screens in between the events were brilliant. Very natural and free flowing chatting about where to find to see acts performing, what was coming up next and general facts and knowledge about the race. The toilets were kept clean and well maintained. All the food I tried around the circuit was really tasty. The acts on the stages were incredible!! Insane value for money having them to watch after the racing. Obviously very busy around the stage but plenty of big screens to watch on. Feedback for the next event- we received a lanyard for each day and it had 2 elastic bands on it- these were littered all over the streets near the gate. Can they be left off in future? A few more water stations would be great! The timings we were sent on the paperwork had changed. On the first day the gates only opened about 5 mins before the first event of the day. It wasn’t a f1 event but a shame to miss the start anyway!


24 set 2019


Excellent exhausting experience

With premier walkaround tickets for 3 days you can see nearly all of the track. Getting from zone 1 back to the pandang stage is a long walk though so wives will need bandaides for their blisters. You can really get amoung the crowds or find uncrowded viewing platforms as you wish. Catching the MRT home even after the final race concert was surprisingly easy.

Julian Gray

01 ott 2018


Singapore Grad Prix 2018

Booked our tickets through Book F! and as we were going to Hong Kong for a week before we were worried the tickets would not arrive in time. Rang a couple of times and went straight through to a very helpful lady on both occasions who put our minds at rest. The tickets arrived on time and were 'exactly what it said on the tin" Very easy - no hassle and would definately recommend and would book through Book F! again. P.S Singapore Grand Prix is awesome! we had 6 days in Singapore which was brilliant including 3 day premier walkabout. Loads to do and see. A great trip that surpassed all expectations.


18 set 2018


Fun experience but you don’t get a good view with walkabout tickets

The weekend was a real festival experience. Lots of good music on stage, friendly stewards, easy to get in and out every day but I would say that unless you’re in a grandstand, you don’t get a good view of the track with walkabout tickets and I watched most of the racing on a big screen in the food area, which seems a little expensive to watch on tv. However, I had a lot of fun!

Duncan D.

18 set 2018


Walkabout Ticket for Saturday

Overall the premier walkabout ticket was excellent value for money. It gave access to all 4 areas and also included a trip on the Singapore Flyer. Amazing atmosphere, well organised event with great entertainment both on and off track.


18 set 2018


Singapore F1 . Amazing

Took my son for his 30th birthday. It was great. Only think that was disappointing was the blackout on the fencing in some places, also maybe better signage on getting in. Overall a great experience. Another comment ,maybe free train travel if you have a F1 ticket. Make it easier and quicker for everyone.


17 set 2018


F1 Virgin

My 1st time at an F1 event and what a wonderful experience it was. Had a 3 day premier walkabout ticket worth every penny. Great views, fantastic atmosphere and win for Lewis Hamilton, perfect. I will be going again.

David Turner

17 set 2018


An excellent way to book F1

This was my 8th time attending a Grand Prix and my second long haul destination. It was my first time buying tickets through Bookf1. I was very pleased with the overall experience of the purchase. Some friends bought the same tickets through the main F1 store site and had issues. Collect on arrival to Singapore, lathe queues etc which caused delays to our plans in Singapore. Whilst problems do happen to every supplier, the tickets were bought in May so there should not have been any problems. I think the rickets were a few pounds more than other sources or direct from F1 but with various conversions, bank charges and mostly for convenience Bookf1 were a great choice.

Antony Robinson

02 ott 2017


Singapore F1 qualifying.

A really well organized event, set in the centre of Singapore. We had walkabout tickets for Saturday's qualifying which included a concert by Duran Duran, who were brilliant. For the concert we needed to get to the village stage which was the far side of the course, this wasn't a problem as there is the MRT tube system that took you very close and then there were shuttle buses to take you to the entrance gate. There were plenty of food and drink outlets inside the course, these were a little bit pricey compared to outside the course and the queues at them seemed to grow quickly. Getting out was well organized, we were guided to either the MRT or a well stewarded taxi rank where all taxis in Singapore had been radioed to come to. We really enjoyed the day and good weather always helps.


28 set 2017


A wondeful experience

My hubbie and I were lucky enough to attend the full 3 days at the Singapore Grand Prix. What a fabulous event. The organisation was superb, the programme exciting with great on track action and superb acts off the track to make it a truly memorable event.


26 set 2017


Fantastic Singapore F1

Received tickets 3 weeks before departure landed in Singapore people where all very polite and courteous,At no stage did i feel in any way apprehensive at such a large event. I traveled by taxi all weekend for a modest fee.I had the 3 day walk pass that was great for my first F1 as i took advantage of seeing most parts of the track,Next time will be in the grand stand as it is a long 3 days.

Ewan McEwan

19 set 2017


Fast, fast and fast!

Great to get the chance to see these amazing cars up close and in person. Would have been good to have had the venue guide map prior to the event, and to have wi-fi to be able to follow the lap times on the App.


19 set 2017


Brilliant weekend

Had premier walkabout tickets brilliant spots to stand and watch. Fantastic weekend

Steveo U.K.

19 set 2017


First trip to Singapore

What a fantastic experience! Amazing street circuit and electrifying action on the track.


18 set 2017


Singapore Grand Prix Experience

Overall a great, enjoyable experience. As always Singapore does a terrific job. However, my criticism was insufficient viewing areas for the Walkabout patrons. A number of areas were blocked out which could have provided for additional spectacular viewing. From what I could tell these did not constitute a safety issue. The areas that were available, that had viewing platforms were to low in order to provide a good clear view of the race participants. All to often the cars were close the side walls and were obstructed by the security barriers. An additions tier (or two) would make for a better viewing experience, in addition reduce crowding. Having said that, the Grand Prix experience for both myself and son was something I will always remember.

Steve M

20 set 2016


Another well organised Singapore F1 Grand Prix

From collecting tickets to leaving the circuit at the end on Sunday, this was another well organised event. Premier Walkabout provides access to viewing platforms in good locations, especially in zone 1. I feel it would be better if they opened the gates earlier but the system will not allow access before 14.30, so do not arrive too gets hot standing in line!!


19 set 2016


Singapore GP

Just love Singapore gp great atmosphere great people and value for money with all the great off track events, although have to get to Padang stage very early missing some of the race to actually see the concerts. That said definitely one of the best long haul races and something exceptional being a night race

Informazioni Importanti


I biglietti per bambini sono disponibili nelle tribune Pit e Stamford ed i bambini devono avere 16 anni o meno al momento della gara.

I bambini sotto i 7 anni sono ammessi solo se i genitori firmano una lettera dove si impegnano a risarcire il Singapore Grand Prix per qualsiasi responsabilità che derivi dalla loro decisione di portare bambini sotto i 7 anni. Contattaci se hai bisogno del modulo.

Persone Diversamente Abili

Contattaci per avere informazioni sui biglietti per persone diversamente abili.

Ulteriori Informazioni

Accesso alle Zone

I biglietti Walkabout sono un biglietto d’ingresso circolare senza posti a sedere.

I biglietti danno accesso alle Zone come segue:

  • Tribuna Bay - Zone 3, 4
  • Tribuna Connaught - Zona 4
  • Tribuna Padang - Zona 4
  • Tribuna Stamford - Zona 4
  • Zona 4 Walkabout - Zona 4
  • Tribuna Pit - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Super Pit - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Premier Walkabout - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Turn 1 - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Turn 2 - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tribuna Turn 3 Premier - Zone 1, 2, 3, 4

Biglietti Combinati

Vivi il Gran Premio ogni giorno da una tribuna differente:

  • Biglietto Combinato Zona 1 Walkabout - Tribuna Pit (venerdì), Tribuna Pit (sabato), Premier Walkabout (domenica)
  • Biglietto Combinato Padang - Tribuna Stamford (venerdì), Tribuna Pit (sabato), Tribuna Padang (domenica)
  • Biglietto Combinato Pit - Tribuna Padang (venerdì), Tribuna Stamford (sabato), Tribuna Pit (domenica)
  • Biglietto Combinato Stamford - Tribuna Pit (venerdì), Tribuna Padang (sabato), Tribuna Stamford (domenica).

Siccome avrai un biglietto differente ogni giorno, potrai accedere solo alle Zone che corrispondono al giorno di ogni biglietto.

Offerta per Prenotazioni di Gruppo

Uno sconto viene applicato per ordini di biglietti validi per 3 giorni per 4 persone (o oltre) nelle seguenti aree:

  • Tribuna Pit
  • Tribuna Connaught
  • Tribuna Empress
  • Tribuna Padang
  • Tribuna Stamford
  • Premier Walkabout

Lo sconto verrà applicato automaticamente nel carrello.


Il Marina Bay Street Circuit è famoso anche per gli spettacoli che organizza durante il weekend di gara ed il 2020 non sarà da meno.


Una volta che hai deciso quali biglietti acquistare, potrai scegliere il metodo di consegna nel carrello.


Tutte le informazioni in questo profilo sono da usare solamente come indicazione.

Questo prodotto e le sue caratteristiche potrebbero essere soggetti a cambiamenti senza preavviso e pertanto non è garantito che le informazioni e il contenuto del profilo siano aggiornati o una rappresentazione esatta dell’esperienza. Se hai qualche domanda più specifica sullo Premier Walkabout non esitare a contattarci.

Le immagini e i materiali sono soggette a copyright e di proprietà dei rispettivi proprietari.

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