Formule 1 | Grand Prix van Monaco 2021

20 23 mei
Tribune L laag

Formule 1 | Grand Prix van Monaco 2021Tribune L laag

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Naast het Rainier III-zwembad biedt Tribune L een duidelijk zicht op de bolides terwijl ze het zwembadcomplex verlaten. Let op: de 'lage rijen' van deze tribune (rijen A-D) bieden geen weergave op de pits.


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Most helpful

Rita Burke

27 mei 2019


Fantastic Service and Superb seats

This was the first time we had booked to go to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Booking with this company was fast, easy, and convenient. The tickets arrived in plenty of time, no having to worry or chase them up. The seats were superb, facing the pits, so had lots of excitement. I would definitely use again! Thanks very much.


03 jun. 2017


Monaco 2017

Monaco never disappoints. The seat chosen from Bookf1 were amazing - so close to the action. I liked the seats in L were the best I have ever had with a good view of the corner and a bit of straight in front of the garages. However, all the seat placings were great.

Mrs L J

31 mei 2017


Well Organised Event

We booked F1 tickets through quite early on. Pretty much as soon as the tickets became available, we were researching seats and grandstands. The whole process was straight-forward and we were given a lot of information about the grand prix weekend. We purchased seats on the Tribune L low grandstand. We were on the front row and we could also see the pit lane, where we ended up waving to a lot of drivers on race day. Grandstand tickets for Saturday and Sunday included free access to pit walk on Friday, where loads of drivers appeared and also offered autographs and photos. The whole event was really well organised and a lot of crowd control in place, which was really appreciated. Each grandstand had its own toilet facilities and somewhere to buy food and drinks, so it was never over-crowded. The one complaint we have of the experience was the cleaners in the toilets. There was a tray of coins, which we assumed is for optional tips for keeping the toilet clean throughout the day. Nowhere did it say that paying to use the toilets is mandatory. I paid EUR 2 the first time I visited the toilets, which is way more than what a lot of others have paid. The second time I didn't have my wallet on me and considering I already tipped more than most others I didn't think it was unreasonable to not tip the second time, but the lady was having a go at everyone for not paying to use the loo, despite no signs or anything specifying payment required. My husband used the toilet as well later on and he told me the two ladies were literally screaming and demanding everyone to pay to use the facilities. This really upset us and a lot of people, because it felt like the cleaners were being unreasonable and were trying to get as much money out of us as possible on the day. The grand prix tickets were very expensive already and I understand the toilet facilities are separate from the event, but it really put us off. If there was a sign specifying payment required or even a sign saying that tips recommended, then we wouldn't be so annoyed. Other than that, the whole experience from start to finish was satisfactory and would recommend it to any F1 fans.

mark stephens

02 jun. 2016



Great seats and view

Bob McLean

31 mei 2016


Awesome seats!

Awesome seats for Quali & then to the AMG Suite to view the race.


30 mei 2016


Great weekend

Great atmosphere, unique to Monaco. Take time to get bearings and find out where your grandstand is before race weekend. Can save a lot of time and stress. We did this and found several routes which made life easy. Bear in mind grandstands not covered so be prepared for rain (as yesterday)


10 jun. 2015


Excellent Weekend

My first motor race and what an experience. I would really recommend. We had tickets for the front row of Tribune L. Perfect spot and worth the money. We had an excellent view of the race and a screen infront so we didnt miss any of the action. You could event see into the pitt lanes. We couldnt believe how close we were to the cars. The seats had great facilities, clean free toilets, reasonable priced food and drinks and the there were not many ques. We stayed and travelled in by train from Sanremo which was a good plan. The train was packed going to Nice but we had a pleasent journey in and out with no problems. The journey was slightly longer (45 mins) but it was worth it. The hotels and restaurants were more reasonable in Sanremo. You could also get a flight to Genoa for a lot less. We would recommend going to the circuit on the Friday afternoon to walk round the course. Then stay at the end of the circurcuit for a few drinks on the course. It was a real party atmosphere and we say many of the drivers leaving the pit lanes. Great opportunity for photos and signature.s


29 mei 2015



We would highly recommend fantastic seats


26 mei 2015


Has to experienced!

Having done most other European races, Monaco was top of the bucket list and it didn't disappoint!! The atmosphere is incredible, and although a little frantic at times, once you have your bearings, it's quite easy to navigate. Beer prices were excessive, as expected, but F1 village food prices were very reasonable, but we had taken supplies in which keeps the cost down. The pit walk on Friday was a nice bonus, and we followed it by walking the whole circuit... So many iconic sights and so many photos of great memories! We stayed across the border in Ventimiglia... Trains were a little unpredictable at times, but far less busy than those heading towards Nice, and accommodation was a fraction of the cost so would definitely recommend it.... Perfect combination of Italian coast break, with Monaco and a great race weekend on the doorstep!


29 mei 2014


What a weekend!

I thought these were the best seats we could have had compared to other seats for the same price. Great view on the s bend after the swimming pool (although the cars are going away from you). Could just about see into the pits, but could also see the yachts at the same time, and a big screen opposite. No queues for the toilets, which were in a restaurant - maybe that's because stand L is quite small. Stall selling beer and baguettes under the stand for 5 euros so not expensive. Had a drink in a restaurant afterwards - big glass of wine 5 euros so again not outrageous. Great day, get there early to see the other races!

Phil Holliday

27 mei 2014


Awesome weekend at the monaco GP

The race day seats were excellent. We had a view into pit row from our seats and could see all the action going on. Good toilet facilities very close by and the price of the drink was the cheapest in Monaco. We were very pleased with our seat choice.

steve graham

16 jun. 2013


Roll on 2014

Really enjoyable weekend and looking forward to 2014! Wish we had walked the circuit on the Friday though. Book F1 vg service

jim besnaar

06 jun. 2013


lifetime experience

What an awesome experience. I looked like a 3 three year old baby who just received a self controlled toy. That's how I felt during the Sunday afternoon watching more than 850 of horse power passing in front of me. The view at tribune L Low was also awesome as I had the opportunity to see pitstops, especially nico rosberg and lewis Hamilton. I was seated directly opposite their pit stop.

The cartwrights

28 mei 2012


Amazing race, amazing place!

Fantastic weekend very helpful information sent by book f1, and the event was amazing. A definate for next year! We stayed in Nice, trains very easy to catch but be aware bus and train stop by midnight from Monaco to Nice so be prepared to pay a lot for a taxi back if you wish to stay and party in Monaco.

Belangrijke informatie


Kinderen tussen 6 en 15 jaar hebben recht op gratis algemene toegang of toegang tot de grandstands op donderdag (een ticket is nog steeds vereist) en 50% korting op ticketprijzen voor de zaterdag en zondag. Dit is niet van toepassing op hospitality pakketten.

De organisatoren vragen dat toeschouwers geen kinderen van 5 jaar en jonger meenemen vanwege het hoge geluidsniveau. Met goedkeuring van de ouders kunnen kinderen van 5 jaar en jonger echter zonder ticket gratis op de tribune zitten als ze op de schoot van een ouder zitten.

Identificatie kan op de dag nodig zijn voor het gebruik van kindertickets.

Mindervalide kaarten

Een rolstoeltoegankelijk gebied op het circuit wordt beheerd door de Association monégasque des handicapés moteurs. Neem contact met ons op als je meer informatie wenst.

Extra informatie

Voorlopige datum

De datum van deze race is gebaseerd op de voorlopige kalender. Meestal verandert deze data niet, maar dit kan niet gegarandeerd worden totdat de definitieve kalender aan het einde van het jaar is vrijgegeven. Als de datum van de race verandert, heeft dit geen invloed op de geldigheid van tickets die je voor het evenement koopt. Indien mogelijk raden we aan om elke accommodatie en vluchten/reizen flexibel te boeken of te wachten tot de kalender bevestigd is.

Voor extra gemoedsrust kun je ook bestellen met een annuleringsverzekering. Bij het afrekenen kan je dit aangeven en mocht de datum van de race veranderen dan ontvang je het orderbedrag, inclusief service- en verzendkosten terug mocht je niet op de nieuwe datum kunnen.

Algemene ticketinformatie

Alle tickets voor de Monaco Grand Prix zijn beschikbaar voor individuele dagen (do, za of zon) en tribune tickets kunnen ook worden gekocht als tweedaagse (za-zon) of driedaagse (do-zat-zon) pakketten. Er is geen Formule 1-activiteit op vrijdag 22 mei en toegang tot de locatie is dan gratis.

Tribune L Laag is verdeeld in rijen A-D, Tribune O Laag verdeeld in rijen A-J en Tribune T Laag verdeeld in rijen A-M - alle andere rijen op deze tribunes zijn geclassificeerd als Hoog. Wees je ervan bewust dat het uitzicht vanuit lagere rijen waarschijnlijker achter veiligheidshekken beperkt is. Tribunes L Hoog en T Hoog hebben uitzicht op bepaalde delen van de pitsstraat. In tegenstelling tot voorgaande jaren is Grandstand K niet gesplitst in rijen met hoge en lage rijen. De organisatoren hebben dit doorgevoerd door de toegenomen aantrekkelijkheid van lagere rijen na verbeteringen aan de haven.

Pit Walk

Net als in voorgaande jaren vindt een pit walk plaats op vrijdagmiddag. Dit is beschikbaar voor klanten die 2-of 3 daagse tickets hebben geboekt op dezelfde tribune. Deze tickethouders ontvangen de "pit toegang" tickets automatisch met hun tickets.

Algemene toegang

Het 'Le Rocher' algemene toegangsgebied biedt een heuvel en het steile terrein is daarom mogelijk niet geschikt voor alle toeschouwers. We raden aan om vroeg naar Le Rocher te komen om het beste uitzicht te krijgen, omdat het gebied zeer druk kan worden, vooral op zondag.

Gold en Silver pakketten

Een beperkt aantal Gold- en Silver-tickets zijn beschikbaar in bepaalde groottes en bieden toeschouwers toegang tot exclusieve zitplaatsen binnen hun gekozen tribune. Fans die Gold- en Silver-tickets bestellen als onderdeel van tweedaagse (za-zon) of driedaagse (do-zat-zon)-pakketten komen ook in aanmerking voor extra voordelen, namelijk pitwalk-toegang en merchandise. Klik op elk pakket om te zien wat er inbegrepen is.


Bekijk na het selecteren van de tickets welke mogelijkheden er zijn voor het leveren van de tickets.
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Begeleidende tekst

Houd er rekening mee dat alle informatie in dit profiel alleen bedoeld is als richtlijn.

Dit product en de functies ervan kunnen zonder voorafgaande kennisgeving worden verplaatst en gewijzigd, dus de informatie en media in het profiel zijn niet gegarandeerd om up-to-date te zijn of een exacte weergave van je ervaring. Als je een specifieke vraag hebt over Tribune L laag, neem dan gerust contact met ons op.

Afbeeldingen en andere media zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door hun respectievelijke eigenaren.

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