Formule 1 | Grand Prix van Monaco 2021

20 23 mei
Tribune O laag

Formule 1 | Grand Prix van Monaco 2021Tribune O laag

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Tribune O is gebouwd over de wateren van Monaco Harbour en biedt panoramische uitzichten en een duidelijk uitzicht op de bolides als ze door de bochten van het zwembad complex rijden. Tickets voor het gedeelte 'Laag' van deze tribune worden toegewezen aan de voorkant 10 rijen (A-J).


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Most helpful

Paul Ewles

28 mei 2019


Monaco GP 2019

First time there for the F1 race. Took a while to work out how to get to grandstand "O" as, only having been to Monte Carlo outside of the race week before, there were obviously parts blocked off. The signage to the different grandstands was not particularly clear. After speaking to numerous officials we found the way! A really good choice as you are right by where all the "posh" boats are docked and able to feel part of the Monaco experience. The view from "lower" was fine and ably assisted by a big screen almost opposite. Next time though we may pay more to go to the "top" as this would give you a better view still. Really enjoyed the whole race day; especially with Lewis winning. The tickets arrived in plenty of time and the timetable of events sent to us by you was very helpful.

Darren Holder

27 mei 2019


Fantastic Experience

Great experience and atmosphere. The whole town comes alive and everyone is so welcoming. Would have been good to know where to go about the pop up bars that appear track side on La Rascasse corner. Train station gets very busy so get there early. Would absolutely recommend and don’t be put off by it being a road race.

George B

29 mei 2017



Great service from BookF1. The whole process from booking onwards was seamless. We particularly enjoyed the helicopter flight to Monaco and had a great seats from which to view the race. As a virgin of the Grand Prix scene we would thoroughly recommend BookF1.

Ollie curtis

29 mei 2017


AmAzing experience

Went to the qualifiers in section O. Amazing view. Was a bit too hot for some of our group though. Cars sounded amazing and excellent buzz around the place. Food and drink were fair prices. Lot cheaper than you pay at the football!


11 jun. 2015


brill day

a brill day from start to finish, seats fantastic, place fantastic, drinks cheap enough and food not a rip off as we thought it might be, just the train to get out of Monaco was terrible, but that did not affect the day


25 mei 2015


Monaco 2015

Great time in excellent seats, spent a lot of time researching where to watch from before choosing seats. If you are only ever going to go to one Grand Prix this is it.

Em Khoury

27 mei 2014


What a race!

I booked this for my husband as a birthday present and he was very impressed to say the least! He was even more impressed and blown away after seeing where we were sat! You really do get a great view here as there are chicanes at either end of your view so therefore you see the cars at a much slower pace as they navigate these. We also snuck into Tribune T low (right hand corner if facing the track) and this I must say was an even better view. You saw the cars coming out of the chicane and very close up and you were directly opposite the pits as well. If we go again I would definitely book these tickets - although both are very good!

Dave Shaw

26 mei 2014


Blown away by the experience

My first time to Monaco and wow! What you see on tv does not do it justice been their! Got their Wednesday, the out lane is open as well as the whole track and it's great got lots of pics and autographs with the drivers who freely walk the track and the pits and all happy to stop and have pics etc, going on Wednesday is also a good chance to get your bearings and take it all in, huge wow factor as you walk out the trainstation and your straight on turn 1! Thursday, from here onwards get the earliest train possible I got the 7:25 from nice every morn and it was busy then! I was sat in B casino, the grandstand is opposite the casino itself and and you have balconys packed with people each side of the corner, giving it a sorta amphitheater sort of feel, huge big screen infront as well, toilets and and snacks are behind the stand, was good to sit their and watch practice, but it does sort of feel out the way from everything, good experience tho! Friday is a free day you have Porsche qualifying and gp2 feature race, sat on the inside of turn 1 at the back of the granstand and this is THE BEST view!! See the cars fly in and out (sometimes into) turn 1 then look behind as you watch the cars exit the chicane down the mini straight and around into the swimmingpool section!! Sadly no screen visible BUT if you want some great pics and be so close to the cars and great views then this is your stand, will deff be hear for practice next year!! Also the pit walk and autograph session for those with weekend tickets is well worth doing too, this opens after the gp2 race where they open the roads up again and and all of a sudden rascasse and the swimmingpool section comes alive with music and serving good and drink! Saturday sat grandstand T2, getting higher up the better, back row if poss, I requested this with book f1 they they got me perfect seats right infront of the merc and redbull garages and infront of the sky sports comm box, where I sneakily got a pic with crofty and brundle! Don't see much car action here but you do have 2screens right infront of you and see all the drivers walk past up and down the pits and see inside the garages! Sunday sat in lower O great view see the cars fly through the swimmingpool section can also see into pits the higher up you are, I was quite low in row E but still had a great view and and was great seeing the marussia Garage celebrate as they got their first points over in the pits opposite! Also have a big screen infront, next will sit here again but go for higher O back row the view their is stunning! Toilets and refreshments sold behind the stand, question wernt to bad either! And it also backs out onto the harbour were shadowed by the huge boats!! After all the action on each day linger around, the atmosphere out the track is fantastic!! The ques for the trains are huge,grab some food and drink prices arnt that bad at all and on the start/finish straight their is a big supermarket, prices are surprisingly cheap in their!! Stock up on snacks! Prices were no where near as bad as I was expecting, about the same and cheaper in places than silverstone!! Ok tickets are expensive but it's worth every penny!! Their is no experience like it!! Also Book f1 fantastic service as ever!!


06 jun. 2013


Best Grand Prix Experience EVER

This is the BEST way to experience Formula 1. Fact. It simply doesn't matter that the loos are only chemical toilets with long queues and that there is limited snack bars about the place, you are in a place that is so magical and so close to the cars when they're on track amongst scenery so PERFECT that no Grand Prix will ever compare in the same light again. Sorry Silverstone, I'll always love you but Monaco is WHERE IT'S AT!!


30 mei 2013


Unforgettable 2013 Monaco GP

This trip was a surprise 50th Birthday present and hubby didn't know anything about it until 2 weeks before race. So, had to choose (last September!) where to sit without his input. Chose Tribune O as it has the harbour around it (yachts are amazing!), has access from walkway straight in front of it, has a big screen directly in front of grandstand and toilets and hot drinks/snacks are right under the grandstand. I chose low seats (don't know why) but they worked out perfectly and we had no obstructions to the two corners before Rascasse and the cars flying past at an incredible speed (and soooo loud, you vibrate!). Had a walk around the track/harbour on Thu night and spotted Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans having a cigarette (they had to come off the yacht to smoke) and got a photo with (a) a smiling C Evans and (b) a grumpy J Clarkson! Would not hesitate to book/recommend the same Grandstand again. Great service from and would recommend buying your tickets from them.


28 mei 2013



Superb service from topped off with a tremendous Monaco Grand Prix. No complaints at all.


28 mei 2013



As a newcomer I had little idea what to expect from the visit but it vastly exceeded any expectations I may have had.


31 mei 2012


monaco 2012

wow what can i say, a fantastic experience, if you only see one gp, this is the one. monaco with all its history and glamour is not to be missed on race weekend. with huge ships in and around the harbour and celebs out and about. if you dont have a ticket you wont see any racing, with views resticted due to buildings and barriers. the view from tribune o low was good with one fast entry and a slow exit through the piscine.when the racing finishes you can walk the track or simply cross the road to the many restuarants and bars open and enjoy the atmosphere with a beer or two into the evening, wonderful top tip... take ear defenders, you will need them


29 mei 2012


Monaco 2012

Could not ask for better service from Easy to book tickets, always kept in formed about your ticket progress, tickets arrived on time with well detailed itinerary for the weekend, will use again. 10 out of 10, thank you again

Paul & Rob from Kings Hill

01 jun. 2011


Lewis Hamiltons Barmy Army

Iconic sporting event ! Totaly different from any other GP you will ever go to and Monaco NOT as exspensive as you may think ?? Had seats in O low and thought they were great value. Fantastic party after in the Rasscasse cafe . WILL be back next week. Only down side was Lewis having a nightmare


30 mei 2011



The Gran Prix waa brilliant, excellent atmosphere and view of the track. The weather was schorching so I would advise people to wear loose clothing and have plenty of water adn sun cream to handm but overall an amazing experience.


24 mei 2010


Couldn't fault a thing

I booked this trip for my formula 1 mad boyfriend for Christmas. I booked tickets with and my experience was excellant. I booked a voucher for seats in O low (as tickets arrive 2 weeks before the race)and it arrived in time for Christmas. In April I booked tickets for Tribune A1 & T1 for the Thurs & Sat. No problems adding tickets so long after. All my tickets arrived without a hitch even during the volcano ash cloud!(we live in Ireland) On thurs we had seats in T1, great seats looking over the pits aswell as the track. Had a great view of the drivers walking out and the action in the pits. Seats in A1 were great only fault was no screen but we knew this booking these seats. Tribune O low for Sun were excellant seats. On the Friday we did the pitwalk and were able to walk around the stands and saw views from all stands and if the truth be known I don't think there is a bad seating area - they all had something different with good views. The organistaion in Monaco is superb-very relaxed and plenty of refreshments available. All in all it was an amazing experience and would highly recommend it. We certainly will plan a trip again next year and will book with without a doubt!

Belangrijke informatie


Kinderen tussen 6 en 15 jaar hebben recht op gratis algemene toegang of toegang tot de grandstands op donderdag (een ticket is nog steeds vereist) en 50% korting op ticketprijzen voor de zaterdag en zondag. Dit is niet van toepassing op hospitality pakketten.

De organisatoren vragen dat toeschouwers geen kinderen van 5 jaar en jonger meenemen vanwege het hoge geluidsniveau. Met goedkeuring van de ouders kunnen kinderen van 5 jaar en jonger echter zonder ticket gratis op de tribune zitten als ze op de schoot van een ouder zitten.

Identificatie kan op de dag nodig zijn voor het gebruik van kindertickets.

Mindervalide kaarten

Een rolstoeltoegankelijk gebied op het circuit wordt beheerd door de Association monégasque des handicapés moteurs. Neem contact met ons op als je meer informatie wenst.

Extra informatie

Voorlopige datum

De datum van deze race is gebaseerd op de voorlopige kalender. Meestal verandert deze data niet, maar dit kan niet gegarandeerd worden totdat de definitieve kalender aan het einde van het jaar is vrijgegeven. Als de datum van de race verandert, heeft dit geen invloed op de geldigheid van tickets die je voor het evenement koopt. Indien mogelijk raden we aan om elke accommodatie en vluchten/reizen flexibel te boeken of te wachten tot de kalender bevestigd is.

Voor extra gemoedsrust kun je ook bestellen met een annuleringsverzekering. Bij het afrekenen kan je dit aangeven en mocht de datum van de race veranderen dan ontvang je het orderbedrag, inclusief service- en verzendkosten terug mocht je niet op de nieuwe datum kunnen.

Algemene ticketinformatie

Alle tickets voor de Monaco Grand Prix zijn beschikbaar voor individuele dagen (do, za of zon) en tribune tickets kunnen ook worden gekocht als tweedaagse (za-zon) of driedaagse (do-zat-zon) pakketten. Er is geen Formule 1-activiteit op vrijdag 22 mei en toegang tot de locatie is dan gratis.

Tribune L Laag is verdeeld in rijen A-D, Tribune O Laag verdeeld in rijen A-J en Tribune T Laag verdeeld in rijen A-M - alle andere rijen op deze tribunes zijn geclassificeerd als Hoog. Wees je ervan bewust dat het uitzicht vanuit lagere rijen waarschijnlijker achter veiligheidshekken beperkt is. Tribunes L Hoog en T Hoog hebben uitzicht op bepaalde delen van de pitsstraat. In tegenstelling tot voorgaande jaren is Grandstand K niet gesplitst in rijen met hoge en lage rijen. De organisatoren hebben dit doorgevoerd door de toegenomen aantrekkelijkheid van lagere rijen na verbeteringen aan de haven.

Pit Walk

Net als in voorgaande jaren vindt een pit walk plaats op vrijdagmiddag. Dit is beschikbaar voor klanten die 2-of 3 daagse tickets hebben geboekt op dezelfde tribune. Deze tickethouders ontvangen de "pit toegang" tickets automatisch met hun tickets.

Algemene toegang

Het 'Le Rocher' algemene toegangsgebied biedt een heuvel en het steile terrein is daarom mogelijk niet geschikt voor alle toeschouwers. We raden aan om vroeg naar Le Rocher te komen om het beste uitzicht te krijgen, omdat het gebied zeer druk kan worden, vooral op zondag.

Gold en Silver pakketten

Een beperkt aantal Gold- en Silver-tickets zijn beschikbaar in bepaalde groottes en bieden toeschouwers toegang tot exclusieve zitplaatsen binnen hun gekozen tribune. Fans die Gold- en Silver-tickets bestellen als onderdeel van tweedaagse (za-zon) of driedaagse (do-zat-zon)-pakketten komen ook in aanmerking voor extra voordelen, namelijk pitwalk-toegang en merchandise. Klik op elk pakket om te zien wat er inbegrepen is.


Bekijk na het selecteren van de tickets welke mogelijkheden er zijn voor het leveren van de tickets.
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