России Гран-при Формулы-1 2021

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General Admission

России Ф1 2021General Admission

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Located near the Bolshoy Ice Palace, the general admission area offers views of turns 4, 5 and 6.

Please note, this ticket does not provide access to the pit lane walk.


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Peter Maynard

02 мая 2017


General Admission - great value

Service from good - as ever. General Admission for Sochi is great value with a couple of provisos. The good - The viewing area is around the 360 deg of the Bolshoy ice dome and allows good unrestricted views from half way through turn 3 to turn 9. It is not possible to see all that track from one area but as you walk around it is possible to see combinations of several corners. For example turns 3 and 4 together along with turns 8 and 9, Or 4 and 5, or 5, 6 and 7. The ice dome is situated high accessed by terraced steps or a grass bank so viewing is possible from track level up to the concourse. There is plenty of room to find a space and/or walk around during the action. No need to get in early, on the Saturday and Sunday mornings I went for a walk along the seafront before going to the circuit. For photography there in nowhere where you look above the fence apart from rear of cars through turns 8/9, but on the other hand there are spectacular backdrops to be had - the Olympic buildings, snow covered mountains, the sea (which is very close to the section between turns 5 and 6, or the township of Adler. The not so good - it is a long trek from the only entrance to the circuit by the railway station - probably almost 1 mile. But the walk takes you through the 'Walkabout' Zone with lots of entertainment going on. There were golf buggies, not sure if for public use - I was happy to walk. There is no shelter, the area is exposed and open to the elements (hot sun this year) - also no toilet facilties there on Friday and Saturday and no catering - so if you needed, it was back to the 'walkabout' area. But on the Sunday the Bolshoy ice dome was opened with access to shade/air conditioning, food and probably the best washrooms in the circuit (for the public). General matters - there is plenty of available accommodation within walking distance from the circuit and each day there were team personnel, mechanics, journalists, commentators etc. walking up to the circuit and out and about and shopping at the supermarket next to my hotel in the evenings. There is a free train service to Sochi and beyond if you don't stay in Adler. I was not aware of any other foreigners of any nationality (apart from F1 personnel) although I'm sure there were some. Very few people speak English but that did not pose any problems - everyone is very friendly and respectful and race-day seemed to be a family day out. It is an exceptionally well-organised event. There was only one support race on Saturday and Sunday - the local Mitjet saloons, but there are free concerts in the evenings back at the circuit. If it's on your mind to go - it's well-worth the trip. The track is not particularly exciting but it's worth putting up with the visa application and flights via Moscow or Istanbul at least once.

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Детские билеты

Children under the age of 2 can access the circuit for free, as long as they do not require their own seat. Discounted child tickets are available for children aged between 3-12 years. A maximum of 2 child tickets for every 1 adult ticket purchased is permitted.

No child tickets are available for hospitality options so a full priced adult ticket must be purchased.

Для лиц с особыми потребностями

Wheelchair viewing platforms are available in Main Grandstand and T2 Grandstand. Please contact us for further information.


Please be aware that you will need to acquire a visa to visit Russia. To apply, you will need to complete an online application form by clicking here. For more information, please contact us.

Pit Lane Walk

All 4-day Grandstand ticket-holders will have access to the Thursday pit walk. The exact times of the pit walk are still to be confirmed and we will inform customers closer to the event. Please note that General Admission tickets will not include Thursday access.

Drivers' Autograph Sessions

You will be able to get an autograph of your favourite driver, that will be held on Thursday, in the Central Square of the Olympic Park.


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