Сингапура Ф1 2020Padang

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Situated on the driver’s left, enjoy impressive views of cars racing past iconic landmarks at speeds of up to 275km/h as they steam full-throttle towards the famed notorious Singapore Sling (Turn 10). You will be close to the Padang Stage featuring international headlining artistes and the bustling F1® Village filled with roving entertainment, activity stations and gastronomic options from the popular Dockside and Portside Hawkers.

You will have access to Zone 4.


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Views from Padang Grandstand

Views from Padang Grandstand


28 Отзывов:


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28 сент. 2019


Singapore F1 - Like no other!

From the ticket booking to the event, everything was top notch! Race was well organized, exciting and fun to be at. I have been to nearly a dozen venues but having the experience of night race really makes the event that much more unique. Great ambiance!


23 сент. 2019



3rd F1 race and this is in another scale / heat, humidity and entertainment

Sarah R

23 сент. 2019


Great atmosphere, great race track

The race itself wasn’t very exciting but the track is great, great entertainment and easy to get transport to and from. Only criticism is for the entertainment and the pens that you stand in - the gate to get in to them is so narrow, it caused a lot of bottle necks when people were trying to leave.


02 окт. 2018


2018 Singapore F1

Had a great experience. The pre and after race activities were excellent. Accommodation and transportation were also excellent and very friendly. Bookf1 picked aisle seat was great especially since the seats are very closed to each other. Close proximity to a turn and big screen also wonderful. Having a blast overall experience.

Peter and Kim , UK

18 сент. 2018


Great atmosphere, fantastic setting

Had a great time at the Grand Prix, music , racing and fireworks all great but the best thing is the actual setting , right on the harbour front. Seats were good too and the information sent to us was helpful.

Nikki and Christian

17 сент. 2018


absolutely stunny city and race track

A life stopping experience , here with my 22 year old son who is an avid fan . "dragged" along - this has changed my view on F1 completely and now understand the passion behind it .....emotional , finding someone to follow- even if its just because he has a fantastic smile !!


16 окт. 2017


2017 Singapore F1

Ticket was arrived as schedule with no issues. Booking F1 staffs are very friendly, courteous and helpful. Overall, it was a great race day and experience . The venue is very accessible. Both pre and after race concerts were awesome. Highly likely will do it again 2018.

Ed Bannon

07 окт. 2017


I just keep going back


I love this race. Have been to 4 other circuits, but this one I've done 3 times. F1 cars under lights are a thing to behold and the central city location make the whole experience so simple and accessible. The local people are welcoming and friendly and I've never been anywhere in the world that was so clean and safe.

Gordon & Tracey

07 окт. 2017


50th birthday treat

Really pleased with the service. I had booked tickets for the Singapore GP, and when I phoned the company I found them really helpful. The seating guide , and what you could see where accurate. The tickets arrived when specified. We both really enjoyed the experience. This is the second time we have bought tickets through book f1 , and I can say would not hesitate to book again . Thank you for all your help . We had the time of our lives and an experience that will last a lifetime.

Steve F

23 сент. 2017




The 2017 Singapore Grand Prix weekend is probably the best weekend I have ever had, absolutely amazing entertainment, Duran Duran being the standout act and at the end of it all the best man won the race. Clean, well organised, excellent sign-postage, great views from wherever you sit. The atmosphere is electric when the lights go out and when the race finishes and the firework display starts. A must for any Formula 1 fan. I have been to a few races before this and this I would have to say this track is my new favourite.


18 сент. 2017


Great experience for little money

You get a lot for your money. First you have several on-track events. Then there are also off-track acts. Surely I wasn't expecting Onerepublic, and in general the line-up for the weekend seemed to be great.


25 сент. 2016


Great Experience

Having the need for space due to being quite tall, I requested seats at the end of a row and these were allocated so quite satisfied with that. This is our second year at Singapore GP and will not be going again due to not bring able to see very much of the track. We have tried two separate stands now and both were similar. The atmosphere however made the weekend.

Sue h

22 сент. 2016


Singapore f1

Brilliant weekend the acts few brilliant easy to get to . Good amenities . Always clean and tidy

Robert Hodgson

19 сент. 2016


Singapore 2016

Great weekend racing in Singapore, first class organisation and atmosphere

willem both

21 сент. 2015


Access to fan area and padang field from entry 4 dangerous

the place and event were great as always but access to the fan area was dangerous as my wife and I were squashed by people pressing in through the small opening. Also after the concert all three days it took a very long time for people to be able to leave from the fan area since only a tiny opening was offered on each side. this would have been a huge issue in case of stampede. why not open all areas after the concert? Small comment: walking back over the bridge Sunday night the bridge started swinging from the mass, which felt very dangerous and many people started screaming. I am sure it was well constructed but felt like it could topple easily.

Margaret Lunn

26 сент. 2013


Choice of seats

Although we had good seats with excellent views of a TV screen and would probable of chosen them ourselves we were slightly supriised not to be able to choose.


23 сент. 2013


Scottorn @ Singapore Padang b11

Overall very good. Facilities best in my outdoor event experience. Padang is best position for after race gigs which included rihanna. Toilets very clean. Good choice of quality food and beers. Only slight criticism was poor view of tv screen because we were close to turn 10. But we didn't come to Watch tv it just helps keep up with positions after put stops etc. we bought a cheap Radio and earphone for £25 problem solved. Book F1 are very reliable and will always use them. Highly recommended.

Ken nichol

23 сент. 2013


Singapore gran prix 2013

Fantastic weekend .food and drink pretty expensive on the track , however the full experience was fantastic


26 сент. 2012


Great experience

all good, no problems!


29 сент. 2011


Singapore Grand Prix

The whole weekend was totally amazing. Fantastic seats with a great view of the racing circuit. Everything was so well organised with plenty of entertainment, food and drink stalls. Well worth a second visit!

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Дети до 7 лет допускаются на мероприятие в случае, если родитель/опекун подписал обязательство об освобождении поставщика услуг от любой ответственности, вытекающей из их решения привести на мероприятие детей соответствующего возраста. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, если вам требуется образец обязательства.

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  • Трибуна Коннахт — зона 4
  • Трибуны Паданг — зона 4
  • Трибуна Стэмфорд — зона 4
  • Зона 4 Прогулочная — зона 4
  • Трибуна Пит — зоны 1–4
  • Трибуна Супер-Пит — зоны 1–4
  • Первый прогулочный — зоны 1–4
  • Трибуна 1 поворот — зоны 1–4
  • Трибуна 2 поворот — зоны 1–4
  • Премиум-трибуна 3 поворот — зоны 1–4

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  • Пакет Зона 1 Прогулочный — Пит (пт), Пит (сб), Первый прогулочный (вс)
  • Пакет Паданг — Стэмфорд (пт), Пит (сб), Паданг (вс)
  • Пакет Пит — Паданг (пт), Стэмфорд (сб), Пит (вс)
  • Пакет Стэмфорд — Пит (пт), Паданг (сб), Стэмфорд (вс)

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  • Трибуна Коннахт
  • Трибуна Императрица
  • Трибуны Паданг
  • Трибуна Стэмфорд
  • Первый прогулочный

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