Check out a brand new feature from Motorsport Tickets, allowing racing fans a Map View of every circuit to better choose the best tickets.

Motorsport Tickets is proud to introduce a new way to visualise every ticket type at every circuit for the forthcoming Formula 1, MotoGP and World Endurance Championship seasons.

Our brand-new Map View makes it simple to see exactly where your tickets will be. We’ve designed the maps with spectators in mind, so you’ll have a top-down view of exactly where your grandstand will be placed.

It’s not just where the grandstand is that’s important when booking tickets. We know that price is just as crucial when it comes to booking the perfect package. Each grandstand is colour-coded based on the price per ticket – the easy key on every map will guide you to finding the right ticket.

The key will also show you exactly where the big screens will be. Motorsport is all about speed and power, and some grandstands have impeccable views of the racing all across the circuit. But it’s just as important for fans to know what’s happening elsewhere on track. Map View will tell you just where the big screens will be placed in relation to your grandstand, so you’re up to date with everything.

See Map View in action


Of course, grandstands aren’t the only way to watch a race. General admission areas offer fans amazing views of the race, the chance to get up close to the track, and are an affordable entry to the race. With Map View, there are no surprises about where you’ll be. Our maps show the exact positioning of general admission areas, with the corners you’ll be close to and any big screens.

On the other hand, fans booking higher-end hospitality tickets get the chance to scope out exactly what their view will be. F1 Paddock Club packages are usually located in premium spots above the pit lane. However, some tracks are a bit more unique. At Zandvoort, Paddock Club is uniquely located on the inside of turn 1. And Monaco has a plethora of options across Monte Carlo, including spots on yachts in the harbour. Map View will clear up exactly where your package will be, and you can contrast and compare before you book.

Equally, for races like the Austrian Grand Prix, you’ll be able to see where the all-important campsites are in context to the race track.

And if you prefer the traditional list view of all our options, that’s still available too. Simply tap the list toggle above the map to see the original format.

We’ll be adding Map View in the coming months as new Formula 1, MotoGP and WEC races go on sale, and look forward to improving our customer’s experience in the process.