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Working with Charities

At Motorsport Tickets, we believe that one of the best things about sport is its powerful potential for bringing people together.

Motorsport is a community and for that reason, we’ve chosen to partner with four inspirational charities, sharing stories of their fantastic work as well as providing opportunities for our customers to donate when booking.

Every time you book with us, you’ll be given the opportunity to donate to our charity fund. This will be split between the four charities, which you can read more about their work below.

Our charities

Click the charity logos to find out more

We are hugely grateful to Motorsports Tickets for selecting us as a charitable partner. With their support, your purchase helps those affected by military operation Race, Retrain, Recover and to enjoy a fulfilling, purposeful and successful life outside of the Military.

CEO & Founder

Launched in March 2012 to help those affected by military operations by engagement through sport, the charity recognises the astonishing inspirational and healing potential of sport. Motorsport is unique in that the disabled compete against the able bodied on a level playing field. Engineering allows us to adapt the vehicle, not the sport and engages those harder to reach whilst connecting them with opportunities for second careers, beyond the military.

The Forces' Motorsport Charity, whose motto is “Race Retrain Recover” is MoD's competent authority for motor sport as a recovery activity and is a Royal Foundation and Endeavour Fund supported initiative. As a member of the Confederation of Service Charities, Mission Motorsport has an award winning collaborative model of working with government and the other service charities.

Mission Motorsport's Training Wing delivers a range of qualifications enabling service leavers to bridge the gap between military service and careers as civilians, beyond injury. The charity has placed more than 200 Wounded, Injured and Sick service leavers and over 2,000 veterans into employment through the charity’s programs.

To find out more about the great work done by Mission Motorsport click here
Mission Motorsport