Think you're a motorsport buff? Test your knowledge by matching the maps of the circuits to the flag of the country you'd find it in.

Whether you love Formula 1, MotoGP, WEC, Indycar, Formula E, banger racing, motorsport will take you to some beautiful circuits.

Motor racing is a completely universal sport. There are no language barriers, it’s just about beating your rivals and crossing the line first.

There’s hardly a country in the world that doesn’t have its own racing circuit, whether it’s a Grand Prix track or a local go-karting park. And each comes with its own personalities, qualities and quirks.

But, how closely do you pay attention to the tracks we race at? Can you identify the circuits from a track map, and match it with the flag of the country you’d find it in?

We’ve taken the circuit maps of ten tracks that appear on the Formula 1, MotoGP and World Endurance Championship calendars. All you have to do is click on the correct flag.

And don’t forget to share your result at the end of the quiz to show off how much of a motorsport aficionado you really are, and challenge your friends on social media.