Find out what Formula 1 Paddock Club tickets include, what the food is like, what you have to wear and how you can buy packages

Formula 1 is renowned as the world’s most glamorous sport. The eyes of the world turn on the 20 drivers racing through the streets of Monaco, Miami and Singapore as well as some of the world’s greatest racing circuits. And of all the ways to watch the race, F1 Paddock Club is the ultimate way to experience the sport.

This guide will take you through exactly what F1 Paddock Club is, what it includes, how much tickets are and how to book the packages.

F1 Paddock Club in 2022

What is Formula 1 Paddock Club?

Formula 1 Paddock Club is the premium hospitality offering providing fans and VIPs a luxury Grand Prix experience. Guests of Paddock Club enjoy luxurious meals, exclusive race day experiences and the unrivalled views of the race track.

Paddock Club is operated by Formula 1 to provide a consistent experience between races. That means guests can expect a similar package no matter where in the world they are. This differs from local hospitality packages, which are operated by different parties at each race.

Where do you watch the race from in Paddock Club?

One of Paddock Club’s biggest selling points is the premium vantage point fans get to see the race. As the name of the ticket suggests, these tickets are amongst the paddock’s atmosphere – right in the heart of the action.

At the vast majority of circuits, this exclusive position is found in the pit building above the garages. This gives fans a special look at the pit crews throughout the weekend from a balcony above the pit lane. Then, before the race starts, you’ll see all the preparations and buzz on the grid as the cars are set for the start.

The view from Paddock Club in Saudi Arabia
Fans in Jeddah taking photos of the race start
The view from Paddock Club at the Yas Marina Circuit
Guests preparing for the start of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
The view of Paddock Club at the Dutch Grand Prix
A Haas passing the unique Zandvoort location in 2021
The Paddock Club balcony above the pit lane at Interlagos, Sao Paolo
The Paddock Club location at the Brazilian Grand Prix
Paddock Club grandstand at the Mexican Grand Prix
The location is next to the podium at Mexico City
The Paddock Club Suite at Spa Francorchamps
Right in the thick of the action in Belgium

When the lights go out, there is no better spot. Fans in Paddock Club enjoy unobstructed views of the cars on the grid as they unleash 1,000 horsepower off the line.  

Following the chequered flag, Paddock Club remains at the heart of the celebrations as the teams enjoy victory in the paddock.

For some circuits, the viewing area is not always above the pit lane or main straight. For instance, in Monaco the Paddock is a short walk from the circuit, and a grandstand viewing area closer to the track is provided. In Zandvoort, Paddock Club occupies a unique position at the inside of the turn 1 hairpin, where you will be literally surrounded by action.  

What is included in Paddock Club tickets?

A great view isn’t the only thing included with Paddock Club packages. Fans with these tickets get access to a plethora of extra-special experiences.

As you would expect, a gourmet menu is provided throughout the weekend. We’re talking exceptional good, the finest local refreshments, and a premium open bar all weekend.

But that’s really just scratching the surface. Fans can take part in the official Pit Lane Walk and Track Tours to experience what it’s really like in the thick of the action. Watch practice pit stops, see the garages in full flow, and become an expert on the circuit with a guided insider experience like no other.

You’ll also get the opportunity to take photos with the Formula 1 Championship Trophies, which have been lifted by legends from the history of the sport.

Appearances from current Formula 1 stars and legends will also be on the cars in the Paddock Club hospitality, where you will base yourself at a dedicated table with full service throughout your stay.

To get a taste of the experience, click here to check out a video by YouTuber George Benson as he enjoys Paddock Club in Hungary.

What is the food and drink like in F1 Paddock Club?

There are several elements to the food and beverage offering at F1 Paddock Club. There is the all-day menu, which includes morning tea and pastries, gourmet lunches prepared by renowned chefs, and an open bar full of premium beers, wines, champagne and spirits for all to enjoy.

And look out for pop-ups hosted by Michelin star chefs who may make an appearance during your trip. This isn’t guaranteed at every race, but there is plenty on offer for all. Guests can help themselves to as much or as little as they desire

Chefs unveil desserts at the hospitality section of an F1 race
Food being served in the paddock

How much do F1 Paddock Club tickets cost?

Paddock Club tickets vary in price depending on the day you are visiting, and the race you are attending. One-day Friday tickets can cost around £850, while three-day packages could cost up to £4,500.

Ticket prices in 2022

Here is a list of 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix where Paddock Club ticket packages are available. For more information on each race and to book tickets, click the name of the race.

RaceOne-day tickets fromTwo-day tickets fromThree-day tickets from
Abu Dhabi£1,019£5,009£5,519
F1 Paddock Club ticket prices for 2022 races.

What should you wear to F1 Paddock Club?

Guests in Paddock Club should wear smart casual attire when attending the race. That means no tracksuits, no shorts, no sandals. Team merchandise is not recommended in the Paddock Club area, out of respect for any drivers and teams participating in the activities. However, dedicated booths selling team gear will be available in Paddock Club.

Is Paddock Club worth the money?

Many of the experiences you receive with Paddock Club could be considered ‘money-can’t-buy’. Most fans who visit races don’t get the opportunity to be up-close to the cars, drivers, paddock and the track in the way these tickets offer. Factor in the exclusive views of the track, gourmet hospitality, and premium nature of Paddock Club, most do believe it provides a five-star experience.

To book Paddock Club tickets, click here to explore our Formula 1 races and select the available races.