Rosie Jones, a London-based Media Production student and F1 fanatic, provides a preview of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating drive like no other, the Monaco Grand Prix is famous for its unique street track, twisting roads, and stunning scenery. Be ready to witness the ultimate test of skill, as the drivers navigate the challenging circuit with unwavering precision and a fearless mentality.

In the rain-drenched streets of Monaco 1984, Ayrton Senna burst onto the F1 scene in his debut season with a remarkable performance taking second behind Alain Prost. Senna would go on to win six times at the Monaco Grand Prix, subsequently etching his name in history with the record for the most victories at this prestigious race.

The core of the Grand Prix is found in the tight and narrow layout of the circuit making the opportunity of overtaking an exceedingly arduous task. Strategic decisions play a crucial role in the outcome of the race; pit-stop timing, tire selection and managing tire degradation becomes vital. Nelson Piquet once compared the art of driving at the Monaco Grand Prix to manoeuvring a bicycle in your living room.

This encapsulates the immense challenge presented by the compact track. As drivers gear up for the Monaco Grand Prix, they carry the weight of past pitfalls on their shoulders. One unforgettable moment was Bottas’ unfortunate pit stop fault in 2021, which went down in history as the longest pit stop ever recorded, falling just shy of two days. But often they are left devastated with team strategy like Leclerc in 2022 who thought the win was ‘clearly in our hands’ before the pit stop saw him drop to P4.

Every year, drivers push the limits, inches away from the barriers in pursuit of victory, with the margin for error shrinking. Especially with the unexpected weather that Monaco is known for producing which adds to the drama of the race. As the highly anticipated Monaco Grand Prix makes its return this weekend, the spotlight shines on Max Verstappen, after scoring three consecutive victories. However, fans’ attention will be fixed on local hero Charles Leclerc who will be determined on ending his lingering curse that has haunted him since his days in Formula 2.

CIRCUIT DE MONACO, MONACO – MAY 28: Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1-75 during the Monaco GP

At the Monaco Grand Prix, you will find an unparalleled atmosphere that engulfs the entire event, creating an intoxicating blend of excitement, opulence and pure adrenaline. The prestigious event seamlessly fuses the world of motorsport with the glitz and the glamour of spectacular fashion, exclusive events and yachts lining the harbour creating a breathtaking backdrop against the glittering Mediterranean Sea.

From its pulsating music and vibrant atmosphere to its high-profile guest list, the iconic party doesn’t stop over the course of the weekend creating an unrivalled social spectacle.