We asked you to vote for the most stylish Formula 1 drivers, check out the top 5 including Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton.

Earlier this month, as part of our competition with Motorsport Collection, we asked you to vote for the drivers you thought were the most stylish on the grid.

You voted for racers past and present, and while there were some surprises in the top five, there was an overwhelming winner.

Take a look as we run down the results of the poll, and find out who you voted for as the most stylish driver. Be sure to check back for more votes and competitions throughout the year.

Five most stylish Formula 1 drivers in history

5: Sebastian Vettel (5%)

The German has raced for some of the biggest brands in Formula 1. From the ultra-modern Red Bull Racing, to the vogue fashionistas at Ferrari, and now the prim-and-proper Aston Martin outlet.

That’s probably why you voted him as the fifth most fashionable driver to have raced in the sport.

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen
A moustachioed Sebastian Vettel with Kimi Raikkonen in 2018.
Copyright: Motorsport Images

4: Max Verstappen (6%)

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen Max Verstappen in anything but Red Bull gear. But clearly, that’s what the people want. The Dutchman narrowly out-voted Sebastian Vettel with 6% of the vote.

Max Verstappen on stage
It was near-impossible to find an image of Max not wearing a Red Bull top, but we did it.
Copyright: Motorsport Images

3: Daniel Ricciardo (14%)

The Aussie has long been the joker in the pack of the Formula 1 grid. He brought a playful attitude to the sport the all-too-serious series had lacked. Always one to express himself, stay true to himself, and not give a damn about what anyone thinks, his unique style shines through the pack. And for that reason, you put him in the top 3 of our vote.

Daniel Ricciardo walking a catwalk
Next level suave from the Aussie Daniel Ricciardo.
Copyright: Motorsport Images

2: Sir Jackie Stewart (15%)

Now here’s a gentleman with his own style. At the forefront of Formula 1, Sir Jackie stood out from the crowd as it was gaining popularity. With a proud Scottish heritage behind him, it wasn’t uncommon for a Scots flag to adorn his helmet, and he is still seen today wearing the Royal Stewart Tartan. Cap, trousers, face mask and all…

Jackie Stewart flanked by bag pipe players
It doesn’t get much more iconic than Jackie Stewart’s famous tartan.
Copyright: Motorsport Images

1: Sir Lewis Hamilton (53%)

Is there anything he doesn’t win? Of course, Lewis Hamilton came out on top in our poll. As his profile in motorsport grew, so too did his interest in fashion. Often pictured rocking up to circuits in striking outfits, Hamilton has also worked with Tommy Hilfiger on his own line. He’s even been known to accessorise his team gear for press conferences, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the most expressive drivers in Formula 1 history.

Lewis Hamilton riding a scooter
Personally, we’d love to see Kimi Raikkonen pull something like this off…
Copyright: Motorsport Images