Incredible overtake moves are a staple of F1 moves, but they don't always come off. Take the quiz and see if you remember these iconic moves.

Hitting speeds of over 300kmh, there may be nothing scarier than sending a Formula 1 car in for an overtake move.

Only the most skilled drivers in the world can pull off the trickiest overtake. But with each move comes a huge amount of risk. Drivers are gambling that they can keep control of their car, and end up in front.

Pull off an overtaking treat, and you’ll look like a hero. Get the timing a split-second out, and you’ll end up in the gravel. The fine margins of motorsport mean drivers can go from hero to zero in a matter of moments.

This Halloween, we’re testing your knowledge of overtaking moves from the past ten years. In the quiz below, we describe 10 overtaking scenarios, and all you have to do is remember whether they resulted in an overtaking treat, or a tricky disaster.

Take the quiz below, and let us know how you got on by sharing your result at the end of the quiz. Simply click the share buttons to challenge your friends!

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