Find out who the youngest F1 race winners, point scorers, world champions and drivers to race in the sport's history are.

As the old saying goes, “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.”

That’s certainly the case with the youngest F1 drivers. Over the decades, records have been broken time and time again as motorsport proteges hit the track. But who are the youngest drivers, winners and champions of all time in Formula 1?

Racing Line

Sebastian Vettel holds many of the records, as his career was jumpstarted by a superb performance at the Italian Grand Prix in 2008. In his first full Formula 1 season, he went on to gain pole position and win the race, making him the youngest driver to do both. In later years with Red Bull, he became the youngest driver to win a World Championship.

Oliver Bearman became the youngest British driver at just 18 when he deputised for Carlos Sainz at the Saudi Grand Prix on 9 March. He is only the third youngest overall, behind Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll.

Check out the records below, including youngest F1 driver, pole-sitter, race winner and world champions.

Younegst Formula 1 driver records

Helmut Marko and Sebastian Vettel soaked in champagne
Sebastian Vettel celebrates Red Bull Racing’s first championships with Helmut Marko

Youngest F1 world champion

Sebastian Vettel – 23 years 134 days

After his impressive first season at Torro Rosso, Sebastian Vettel replaced David Coulthard at Red Bull Racing. In 2009, Jenson Button dominated but Vettel stayed within touching distance, finishing second by just 11 points. The following year, Vettel won his first world title in an all-or-nothing Abu Dhabi finale and became the youngest ever World Champion. But there wasn’t much in it: Vettel was just 166 days younger than Lewis Hamilton when he won his world title.

1Sebastian Vettel23 years, 134 days2010
2Lewis Hamilton23 years, 300 days2008
3Fernando Alonso24 years, 59 days2005
4Max Verstappen24 years, 68 days2021
5Emerson Fittipaldi25 years, 303 days1972
6Michael Schumacher25 years, 314 days1994
Youngest Formula 1 world champions
Max Verstappen one of the youngest F1 drivers
Max Verstappen became the youngest Formula 1 driver in 2015.

Youngest F1 race driver

Max Verstappen – 17 years, 166 days

When Max Verstappen stepped into his Torro Rosso on the grid in Australia, he wasn’t legally old enough to drive a car in his native Netherlands. At the age of 17, he became the youngest driver to start a Formula 1 race since Jaime Alguersuari, who was almost two years older. During the race, a mechanical issue forced Verstappen to retire.

1Max Verstappen17 years, 166 days2015 Australian Grand Prix
2Lance Stroll18 years, 148 days2017 Australian Grand Prix
3Oliver Bearmann18 years 306 days2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
4Lando Norris19 years, 124 days2019 Australian Grand Prix
5Jaime Alguersuari19 years, 125 days2009 Hungarian Grand Prix
Youngest Formula 1 racing drivers
Sebastian Vettel celebrating on his Formula 1 car
Sebastian Vettel celebrating his first pole position in Italy

Youngest F1 pole position

Sebastian Vettel – 21 years, 72 days

Sebastian Vettel’s incredible session in the wet during qualifying at Monza stunned the Formula 1 paddock. An unpredictable session saw many of the big players (McLaren, Ferrari and Renault) drop down the order and fail to qualify through the sessions. That opened the door for the young German to become the youngest pole man since Fernando Alonso five years earlier.

1Sebastian Vettel21 years, 72 days2008 Italian Grand Prix
2Charles Leclerc21 years, 165 days2019 Bahrain Grand Prix
3Fernando Alonso21 years, 236 days2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
4Max Verstappen21 years, 307 days2019 Hungarian Grand Prix
5Lando Norris21 years, 316 days2021 Russian Grand Prix
Youngest Formula 1 pole sitters
Sebastian Vettel congratulates Max Verstappen
Sebastian Vettel, previous youngest race winner, congratulates Max Verstappen on breaking the record.

Youngest F1 race winner

Max Verstappen – 18 years, 134 days

A year after his debut for Toro Rosso, Red Bull took the decision to swap the Dutchman into the senior team for Daniil Kvyat at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. It proved an inspired decision. As the Mercedes tangled out front, the door opened for Verstappen. At 18 years old, and three years younger than previous youngest race winner Sebastian Vettel, Max became the all-time youngest winner.

1Max Verstappen18 years, 228 days2016 Spanish Grand Prix
2Sebastian Vettel21 years, 73 days2008 Italian Grand Prix
3Charles Leclerc21 years, 320 days2019 Belgian Grand Prix
4Fernando Alonso22 years, 26 days2003 Hungarian Grand Prix
5Tony Ruttman22 years, 80 days1952 Indianapolis 500
Youngest Formula 1 race winners
Max Verstappen one of the youngest F1 drivers
Max’s win was his first podium, making him the youngest driver ever on the steps

Youngest F1 podium-sitter

Max Verstappen – 18 years, 228 days

With his victory aged 18 in 2016, Max Verstappen is the youngest podium sitter in the history of Formula 1. But only just. When Lance Stroll drove to third-place at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, he was merely 11 days older than Verstappen was.

1Max Verstappen18 years, 228 days2016 Spanish Grand Prix
2Lance Stroll18 years, 239 days2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
3Lando Norris20 years, 235 days2020 Austrian Grand Prix
4Sebastian Vettel21 years, 73 days2008 Italian Grand Prix
5Daniil Kvyat21 years, 91 days2015 Hungarian Grand Prix
Youngest Formula 1 podium scorers
Red Bull Racing consultant Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen one of the youngest F1 drivers
Max Verstappen scored his first points in his second Formula 1 race

Youngest F1 point scorer

Max Verstappen – 17 years, 180 days

While Max Verstappen’s first Formula 1 race ended in retirement in the pits, his second was something to shout about. Just 14 days after he became the youngest F1 driver, he scored his first points in the sport with a seventh-placed finish in Malaysia. The latest addition to the top five is Oliver Bearman, whose seventh-placed finish at 18 years old in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix makes him the third-youngest points scorer.

1Max Verstappen17 years, 180 days2015 Malaysian Grand Prix
2Lance Stroll18 years, 225 days2017 Canadian Grand Prix
3 Oliver Bearman18 years 306 days2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
3Lando Norris19 years, 138 days2019 Bahrain Grand Prix
4Daniil Kvyat19 years, 324 days2014 Australian Grand Prix
Youngest Formula 1 podium scorers