Looking for the best place to sit for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix? Learn about the different grandstands and hospitality options at the Circuit de Monaco

The Monaco F1 Grand Prix is one of the most iconic races on the motorsport calendar. First held in 1929, drivers are pushed to the limit as they weave through the winding streets of the principality.

Located to the south of the principality, the circuit takes in some of Monte Carlo’s must-see sights, while also possessing some of motorsport’s most famous corners and action zones. There are plenty of places to watch the race, from views that take in the track’s unique pitlane, to yachts in the harbour where you can rub shoulders with the who’s who of motorsport.

If you’re thinking of travelling to the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and wondering which is the best grandstand to enjoy the action, this article will be your guide before you buy your tickets. Watch the video for a whistlestop tour of the track and read on for more detail.

Watch a virtual tour of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit

Grandstand options at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Grandstand K

Monaco is one of the narrowest circuits on the calendar, and Grandstand K offers a seat in the very heart of the action. You’ll hear the roar of the engines at the start behind you as the cars line up on the pit straight and fire up through turn one at Sainte Devoite. As they return through the second sector of the track, you’ll see the cars exit the Nouevelle Chicane and speed down towards Tabac, where they’ll whip round to encounter the final sector. It’s a high-speed section, but as the exit of the Nouvelle Chicane is head-on with your seat, with the corner right in front of you, you’ll see more of the cars for longer.

A view of Grandstand K at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix
Grandstand K overlooks Tabac corner and the Harbour at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.
Copyright: Steven Tee/LAT Photographic

Grandstand T

Another popular place to watch the race is Grandstand T. Located on the short burst towards Rascasse, this is where many drivers will size up a dive down the inside of the tight right-hander, often to no avail. It also faces and has a clear view of the pit boxes, so you’ll see the pit crews in action and any drama that ensues, such as Max Verstappen’s unsafe release in 2019 which cost him his first Monaco podium. It has a big screen so you won’t miss any of the action. The boxes at the back of Grandstand T house the commentary positions for the world’s broadcasters, as well as the view for Paddock Club.

Grandstand T at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix
Grandstand T is right in the very heard of the action overlooking the pitlane at Monaco.
Copyright: Motorsport Images

Grandstands N, O, P

Situated on the harbour of Monte Carlo, the circuit offers a number of unique ways to take in the race. Built between the yachts in the harbour, Grandstands N, O and P are built on the water of the harbour, opposite the famous swimming pool section.

You’ll see the cars as they swing around from Tabac, and you might even hear the bodywork
kiss the barriers as they pass through these two quick, challenging chicanes.

Grandstand B

As the cars approach the end of the weaving sector one, the pass the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo. You’ll see the cars file out of the wide left-hand corner of Massenet, before turning right through Casino, with the famous building an apt background for this glamorous circuit, where they’ll begin a short burst down to the turn right-hander of Mirabeau.

You’ll also benefit here from a big screen in from of the stand to catch all the action.

Grandstand C

As the cars pass through the tightest section of the track, featuring the Grand Hotel Hairpin and Mirabeau Bas, the come to Portier. Grandstand C has a great view of the cars as they turn right and gear up for one of the fastest sections of the track and speed through the tunnel. Ayrton Senna famously collided with his teammate Alain Prost at Portier in 1988, while Kimi Raikonnen infamously strolled past this stand in 2005 when a mechanical failure forced him to retire, and he walked through the tunnel to join his friends on a yacht for the remainder of the session.

Grandstand V

Grandstand V at Monaco sits on the outside of La Rasscasse corner. This is one of the slowest points of the track, a spot where some cars will brave an overtake. There’s not much room between the tight barriers, but desperate times will see a car dive up the inside. The corner is named after the famous restaurant, which sits between these final few turns.

Grandstand L

Grandstand L is at the exit of the super high-speed swimming pool section of the track. The drivers pass through the quick chicane at phenomenal speeds, approaching from behind the grandstand. This is the corner responsible for the famous shot on TV, as the cars delicately kiss the barrier in front of the stand. It’s also been the site of three big shunts in recent years: Schumacher and Ricciardo lost control here in 2022, and Leclerc crashed during qualifying in 2021, bizarrely securing pole position in the process.

Grandstand M

At the start of the swimming pool section is Grandstand M. Another really fast chicane, the drivers will hardly lift off the throttle as they hurtle towards the right-left sequence. The cars build speed through the Tabac corner and require a perfect exit to set up for the entry to the swimming pool, which is located at the foot of the grandstand.

Grandstand X

This set of grandstands are located at the back of the starting grid on the main straight. This will put you close to the action on the grid before the race, as well as the podium celebrations on track after the Grand Prix.

General admission at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix

If you’re not fussed about the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo, and just want to see some action, general admission might be for you. There are two general admission zones at the Monaco Grand Prix, offering unreserved standing views of the circuit. The first, Z1, is right on the Tabac corner and is also close to turn one at Sainte Devote. The view of the track is slightly limited, but there’s a great atmosphere and is located close to many bars and restaurants.

The other general admission area is situated high up on La Rocher hill, and as it is set away from the track it gives a great panoramic view of Monte
Carlo. You’ll be able to see cars exit the final chicane, move through Rascasse, and enter the pitlane. As this section is on the hill, you might want to bring a camp chair for race day.

Hospitality at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Of course, Monaco is the most glamorous race on the calendar, and there are plenty of hospitality options to experience the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in style. We offer viewing spots on yachts right in the harbour, where you will rub shoulders with the Who’s Who of Monte Carlo. There are also packages which will grant you access to exclusive parties, suites with unrivalled views of the race, and a premium service all weekend.

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