Find out how Formula 1 tickets for grandstands, general admission and hospitality packages compare to other sports and events.

There’s only one real way to experience the world’s greatest motorsport in all its beauty. While we catch the action on TV week-in week-out, nothing compares to booking some Formula 1 tickets and witnessing the race trackside.

There are many options for booking tickets to a race. You can sit in a grandstand, which reserved seating, the best views across the circuits, and often protection from the elements.

General admission tickets give you access to designated areas of the track, and are a great budget option for fans. While hospitality tickets are the premium experience, with exclusive access to the pit lane, open bars, and special viewing areas.

All three options offer excellent ways to see the race, depending on your budget. To break down how much each of these Formula 1 tickets cost, we’ve compared the prices to other events, like music festivals, football matches and West End theatre trips.

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These three ticket options are available at every Formula 1 race, so no matter where in the world you want to go racing, all budgets are accommodated for.

Speaking of accommodation, there are also a host of options at every race too. Many circuits offer camping facilities nearby the circuits – which you can book alongside your ticket with Motorsport Tickets.

For other races, like the Dutch Grand Prix, hotel options in the city are on offer. And to make things as simple as possible, we offer these hotels as a package with your race day ticket.

To find out more, head to our Formula 1 Tickets page. You can explore every race on the F1 calendar, and the ticketing options currently available.

Formula 1 Tickets Prices

General admission

Weekend ticket plus camping at Belgian Grand Prix: £203pp

The cheapest way to see a Formula 1 race is by booking a general admission ticket. These give you roaming access to specified areas of the circuit, but will often get you as close to the circuit as you can get. And at some circuits, unreserved seating is available for general admission ticket holders, and grandstands are often open to all fans on Fridays. That means you can use the practice and support race action before Saturday to scope out the best places to catch the action.

General admission tickets also gain you access to the Fan Village. These areas are at the heart of the Grand Prix, with food stalls, bars and merchandise stalls. But you’ll also be able to catch Formula 1 drivers, who make appearances on stage throughout the weekend. Think you’ve got what it takes to join a Formula 1 team? You’ll even be able to test your skills in E-sport competition and the famous Pit Stop Challenge.

For a race like the Belgian Grand Prix, camping is also a great way to make the most of the weekend. Campsites are reasonably priced, and combined with your race ticket, you can book a race weekend for £203pp. Compared to a music festival like Glastonbury, where tickets cost £270 in 2020, that’s a great deal.

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Grandstand tickets

Two adults and two children at Austrian Grand Prix: £454

Grandstands are strategically placed to ensure you get the best view of the race where the action happens. They’ll be placed near corners so you can see the cars racing each other, as well as lining long straights. There will always be a grandstand lining the start-finish straight, so you can soak up the pre-race atmosphere.

Many circuits offer ‘Kids Go Free’ policies. At a race like the Austrian Grand Prix, two adults and two children can book the entire weekend in a popular grandstand for less than £500.

That works out at £42 per person, per day. That’s the same as the average price of a Premier League football ticket, and cheaper than the average West End theatre ticket (£49.25).

And it’s not just racing action you’ll get access to. If a race has entertainment post-race, grandstand and general admission tickets will usually get you access. That means at the United States Grand Prix, you’ll have admission to concerts from Billy Joel and twenty one pilots included in your ticket.

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Hospitality tickets

Three-day Paddock Club ticket at Hungarian Grand Prix: £3,500

This is the premium way to watch the race. The ultimate fan experience, Paddock Club and hospitality take your Formula 1 experience the extra mile.

You’ll have an exclusive view of the race (usually above the pit building), special access to the paddock and garage/pit lane tours, a tour of the circuit before the race, and special appearances from the drivers.

And away from the racing action, you’ll kick back and enjoy premier hospitality, open champagne bars, gourmet lunches and more.

Paddock Club runs at most Formula 1 events, and circuits and race organisers also arrange their own hospitality packages which are well worth exploring.

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