Planning to drive to Spa-Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix? Find out everything you need to know about parking options at the track. 

Intro: Once you’ve got your tickets to the 2024 F1 Belgian Grand Prix, you need to start planning your trip to Spa-Francorchamps as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 


Things like parking and camping at Spa get a lot more complicated as the race draws closer and car parks and campsites inevitably sell out.

Parking can be one of the most stressful aspects for fans driving to an F1 Grand Prix – and one often left until the last minute. The number of people choosing to go by car is much higher than at most Grand Prix, due to the rural setting and the popularity of camping as an option.

So once you’ve finished this article and informed yourself on the best options available to you, don’t delay booking your parking at Spa as it will inevitably sell out.  

Getting to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Official parking options at the Belgian Grand Prix

Listed below are the different parking options available at Spa-Francorchamps with the various features of each. They’re listed with the closest entrances to the circuit, the best seating from the car parks and the best motorway exits. 

Green Parking

Vast grassy fields make up the aptly named green parking at Spa-Francorchamps. It gives good access to the Green Camping and the Les Combes entrance to the circuit. It’s also not too far from the Young Village campsite, and is the main car park to the south of the circuit. This means it is easier for people coming from Luxembourg or southern Europe to reach. It may add another hour (potentially much more due to traffic) onto the journey for those coming from the north.

Circuit entrance: Les Combes 

For seating: Silver 4, Bronze (GA), 121-128 -130

Motorway exit: 11

Yellow Parking

The various Yellow Parking areas are spread around the village of Francorchamps. It is somewhat of a lottery as to which space you will be allocated, but the closest circuit entrance is La Source, ideal for fans who have Gold and Silver (1 & 2) grandstand tickets. This site will also be easier to reach for those driving from the north.

Circuit entrance: La Source

For seating: Gold Grandstand & Silver 1 & 2

Motorway exit: 10

Blue Parking 

Blue parking is located between the circuit and the Yellow Parking site. This means it is close to the La Source entrance, and is also a good option for travellers coming to the Belgian Grand Prix from northern Europe.

Circuit entrance: La Source 

For seating:  Disabled parking, Paddock Club

Motorway exit: 10bis

Red Parking

The Red Parking is very small and located close to the Blanchimont entrance. It is also close to the Young Village and best positioned for the Bronze General Admission tickets. 

Circuit entrance: Blanchimont

For seating: Bronze (GA)

Motorway exit: 48

Motorbike Parking

There are several dedicated motorbike sections in the Blue and Yellow car parks. Like the car park spaces, these should be booked in advance. 

Map of Parking at Spa-Francorchamps

Spa-Francorchamps parking costs

In 2023, all parking places cost £22. The 2024 prices are yet to be released. Bear in mind that if you book camping at Spa, one parking space is included in your pitch.

How to choose the best parking option for you

There are several things to bear in mind before making a decision on where to park. Considering that the price of all car parking spaces are the same, you can choose the site that best suits you.

It would be wise to select the car park that is as close as possible to the entrance you need to get to. A day out at the Grand Prix has enough walking involved in it. You could potentially avoid a couple of hours each way to the car and back, wasting precious time and foot pain.

You can use the list and the image above to compare which entrances and car parks correspond best to your tickets.

For example, if you have a Bronze General Admission ticket, the Red Parking is probably best for you. This is a small site so make sure you book the Red Parking early. Or if you have a Gold Grandstand ticket, you will most likely want to park in the Yellow Parking.

Many of our readers head to Spa from the UK, and will therefore be coming to Spa from the north. Avoiding the notorious traffic around the circuit – thanks in part to very narrow and rural roads – can shave precious hours off your journey. Yellow Parking may be the best for racegoers driving to the Belgian Grand Prix from the north.

One car parking space is included in the campsite if you’ve bought camping for the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix. This means that you don’t have to buy a car parking space, and the car parks above are separate from the camp sites.

All car parks open at 6am and you will need your pre-bought tickets as the marshals will scan it when you arrive. Parking spaces can not be bought on the day

How to get to the official car parks at Spa-Francorchamps

The traffic around the circuit at the Belgian Grand Prix is famous for being painfully slow. People have to drive to bring all their camping gear and public transport is limited. It is advised to leave plenty of time.

Be sure to read our guide on how to get to Spa-Francorchamps.

The car parks are not marked on Google Maps. As soon as you get closer to the circuit there are many road signs t0 direct you, as well as Marshals to assist.

Recommended Routes:

Yellow Parking – Take the E42 (Battice to Trier) and take Exit 10 (Francorchamps)

Blue Parking – Take the E42 (Battice to Trier) and take Exit 10bis

Green Parking – Take the E42 (Battice to Bitburg) and take Exit 11

Green Parking – You could also take the E25 (Liege to Luxembourg) and take Exit 48 (Werbomont)

Red Parking – Take the E25 (Liege to Luxembourg) and take Exit 48 (Werbomont)

Fans coming from the north will find it easier getting to the Blue and Yellow Parking. Fans coming from the south will find the Green and Red Parking more convenient.

Parking permits should be left displayed and visible in the car. There are signs directing racegoers to the different coloured car parks.

Are there any unofficial car parks?

There are some unofficial campsites in the local villages of Spa and Francorchamps. These are usually cash in hand and can be found through Facebook groups and word of mouth.