Discover the best grandstands at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal with our guide on where to sit at the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Canadian Grand Prix is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the Formula calendar. The race will take place on the 7-9 June in 2024.

Offering an irresistible combination of spectacular city break and incredible on-track action, a weekend in Montreal is high on every fan’s bucketlist.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has firmly cemented its place as a Formula 1 fan favourite since the very first edition in 1978. Montreal was left with a manmade island on the St. Lawrence River after the Expo 67 World Fair and the Summer Olympics of 1976.

The industrious local authorities decided to build a race track and two years later the first Formula 1 Grand Prix was held. The first winner? Gilles Villeneuve. The Quebec native was killed during qualifying of the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix, but remains a legend of Canadian racing to this day.

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton share the most victories at the Canadian Grand Prix at seven each.

The Canadian Grand Prix is one of the first to fully sell out each year so book your tickets now – maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the death defying groundhogs that famously dodge Formula 1 cars each year!

Best grandstands at the Canadian Grand Prix

Canadian Grand Prix Grandstand Guide
Fans at the Canadian Grand Prix

Incredible racing action is guaranteed wherever you decide to sit – especially at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Before booking your place it is essential to have your priorities in a set order before deciding which is the best grandstand to watch the Canadian Grand Prix for you.

Canada may not be the cheapest race to attend, and if budget is a consideration, then you could opt for Grandstand 46. Here you get a good view of the very start of the long straight where the cars accelerate into the first DRS zone.

If budget is not an issue and you want to take in the full experience, including a good view of the pits and podium, then the Main Grandstand (GS 1) or Grandstands 11 and 12 are the options for you.

Canadian Grand Prix grandstand map

Our map of the grandstands at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve should help you get an idea of where is best spot to suit your needs at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Canada Grand Prix Grandstand Guide

Grandstands 11 and 12

Canadian Grand Prix Grandstand Guide
View from Grandstand 12 with Grandstand 11 shown on the left

Many who attend the Canadian Grand Prix claim that these are the best seats in the house. Grandstand 11 sits on the exit coming out of turn 2, which is also known as Senna Curve. This spot is famous for causing incidents on the first lap of the race – a great place to see drama!

Grandstand 12 enjoys similar views but from a slightly different angle. It also offers a good view of turn 1 where cheeky early overtakes are attempted.

Platine Grandstand

Another of the best options at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is the Platine. Although it is at the pricier end of the ticket scale, it is the only grandstand that is covered. Sun and rain can both feature at the Canadian Grand Prix, and these seats are safe from the elements.

This grandstand sits between the start/finish grid and turn 1, offering views of both. The seats are moulded plastic with backs rather than bleachers.

Main Grandstand (1)

Canadian Grand Prix Grandstand Guide
View of Main Grandstand from the Paddock Club terrace

The Main Grandstand is also one of the most popular options at the Canadian Grand Prix. Great for all the pre-race build up, these seats have a great view of the grid, pitstops, podium ceremony and post-race interviews.

As well as all this, you’ll have a great vantage of the DRS zone from inside the track as the cars approach from the final chicane, up through the start/ finish line and into turn 1.

Grandstand 15

Canadian Grand Prix Grandstand Guide
View down the hairpin from Grandstand 15

This is a unique view of the second of the two hairpins. Grandstand 15 is located on the middle of the apex of the Turn 10, and from here you can see the cars approach and exit this famous turn. Turn 10 has earned this reputation following years of many risky overtakes and accidents. One such example was when Robert Kubica barrel-rolled his BMW Sauder in 2007.

Family Grandstand (33)

Grandstand 33 is the place to be if you’re coming to the Canadian Grand Prix with the family. The tight left-hand corner at turn 6 and then 7 offers a great view of the cars, as breaking and accelerating are tested at close quarters. Located at the medium speed chicane this is an area of attempted but notoriously difficult overtaking.

Grandstand 31

This grandstand is located towards the back of the circuit. It offers views of the cars approaching at top speed as they up the back straight, passing under the bridge and then through the right/ left chicane of turns 8 and 9. You’ll then see them roaring off towards the turn 10 hairpin. Turn 8 is an occasional overtaking spot.

Lance Stroll Grandstand

Canadian Grand Prix Grandstand Guide
View from the Lance Stroll Grandstand

Grandstand 24 was rechristened the Lance Stroll Grandstand after the Canadian-born Aston Martin driver. This is arguably the best view of the first hairpin, which looks down on the dramatic turn.

Situated incredibly close to the track, this is one of the livelier areas where the local fans will be in full cry. The views take in the turn 10 hairpin, the cars approaching and exiting this turn, and wheel to wheel overtaking.

Canadian Grand Prix General Admission

General admission at the Canadian Grand Prix is not one of the most popular among diehard motorsports fans. However, it does sell out every year, and is more aimed at the racegoers who want to experience the atmosphere and festival vibe of this incredibly entertaining weekend in Montreal.

If you want a good spot for the race, make sure you get there early and the best spots become very busy. The best GA areas are located around grandstands 15, 22, 24, 33 and 34. If you don’t want to be tied to a seat the whole weekend and prefer the freedom to move around the circuit, this is the option for you.

Book tickets for the Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix is one of the most popular races on the calendar and the quickest to sell out. Therefore, if you plan on attending the race in Montreal in 2024, book your tickets now.

See you in Montreal!