Find the ideal place to stay at the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix with our guide to accommodation around Spa-Francorchamps

For decades now, Formula 1 fans have eagerly flooded to the Belgium Grand Prix every year. Racing fans know the challenges this circuit holds, as well as the unique experience of being part of such an iconic race. 

The iconic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is famously located deep in the heart of the picturesque Ardennes Forest. This may leave many a first-time visitor to Spa questioning where in all those trees you might find accommodation for the race weekend.

Below you will find all the information you could want on the various accommodation options available for fans attending this iconic race. The options including camping, hotels, local accommodations and more.

An Overview of the Belgian Grand Prix

The 2024 Belgian Grand Prix will take place 26-28 July. Historically Formula 1 is hosted at Spa in late August or early September. However, in recent years this event has been moved further forward in the calendar to hopefully avoid some of the intense rain that the Ardennes Forest is so known for. 

Combining the ever changing weather conditions with the circuit’s combination of long straights and fast corners creates an ideal setting for what never fails to be an exciting race.

Belgian Grand Prix

What’s the nearest town to Spa-Francorchamps?

For those seeking proximity to the racing action, the nearest town to Spa-Francorchamps is, unsurprisingly, Francorchamps. Not much further away though is the larger town of Spa. Staying in Francorchamps or Spa offers the advantage of convenient travel to the track. Whether you’re driving (privately or in a taxi) or cycling the distance is very manageable – or even walkable.

It also provides the opportunity to take in the idyllic scenery of the Belgian countryside. However, hotels and other accommodations in Spa tend to be in high demand during the race weekend, and prices may reflect this.

For those looking for more budget-friendly alternatives, staying in towns further from the circuit is a viable option. These towns often offer more affordable hotels and allow visitors to explore the Belgian countryside at a more relaxed pace. If you should choose to stay at a town a little further afield be sure to calculate the additional travel times it would take you to get to the circuit.

Spa-Francorchamps is in the middle of the Ardennes Forest

Where else can you stay for the Belgian Grand Prix?

If you’re looking for more budget friendly hotel options and plan on taking a car to drive you might consider staying slightly further afield which would open up your options dramatically.

Additionally, individuals flying in for the event can rent a car from the nearest airport and choose their base accordingly. Exploring accommodation options in neighbouring countries such as Germany, Luxembourg or the Netherlands is also worth considering. These countries are within a reasonable driving distance from the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

You can find our travel guide on how to get to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps here.

Hotels near Spa-Francorchamps

Hotels can be a comfortable and convenient accommodation option for those attending the Belgian Grand Prix. There are several hotels located near Spa-Francorchamps, each offering a range of amenities and prices to suit different preferences and budgets. The proximity of these hotels to the circuit varies, allowing visitors to choose based on their desired level of convenience and budget. Below are a few popular examples:

Hotels in Francorchamps1x double room starts at €X per night
Hôtel Francorchamps Pitlane Lodge (shown in title image)€ 110.00
Hôtel Le Relais de Pommard€ 129.00
Hôtel de la Source€ 166.00
La Roannay€ 261.00
Hotels in Spa1x double room starts at €X per night
Silva Hotel€ 166.00
Radisson Blu€ 155.55
Hôtel l’Ecrin d’Ô€135.00
La Reine Hôtel€ 129.00
La Villa des Fleurs (shown in the image below)€ 119.00
La Villa des Fleurs( hotel in Spa

Local Solutions

When considering these options that are just out of walking distance you’re going to want to consider where to safely keep your car upon arrival. We have plenty of information in our comprehensive Spa parking guide.

Can you camp at the Belgian Grand Prix?

Yes, you can definitely camp at the Belgian Grand Prix. In fact, this is often a the most popular choice amongst racegoers. Check out our detailed guide on all things camping at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Camping at Spa-Francorchamps

How far in advance should you book accommodation for the Belgian Grand Prix?

Whether you opt for camping or hotels, we would highly recommend booking your accommodation the moment you have your tickets. Timing is crucial when it comes to securing your stay for the Belgian Grand Prix and every week that passes, the less options you have to choose from. This may also negatively affect prices.

At such a popular race on the F1 calendar all accommodation solutions tend to fill up rapidly as every fan is keen to secure a place in the limited number of hotels in the Ardennes Forest. This advice is particularly important for new fans or those travelling to Spa for the first time, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable race experience. 

Exploring Spa’s surrounding attractions

The Belgian Ardennes is known to offer a wide array of attractions outside of the Grand Prix as well. Should you decide to stay in and around this region, we would recommend extending your stay to take in the picturesque Ardennes Forest. You can also visit the numerous local breweries, and indulge in some well-known Belgian cuisine – and chocolate! 

Nearby towns we would recommend adding to your itinerary include Stavelot and Malmedy. Both are rich in history and culture which could make your F1 trip into a memorable holiday too!

If you don’t already have your tickets, like accommodation around Spa-Francorchamps, they will be in short supply in the coming months – book your Belgian Grand Prix tickets now!