Aragon MotoGP 2020 OVERVIEW

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Aragon MotoGP 2020

Race profile

The Motorland circuit was built in 2009 making it one of the most recently built circuits. It consists of 17 turns; 10 left corners and 7 right corners with the longest straight measuring 0.97km. It also has a height difference of 50 metres between the highest and lowest points.

Alcaniz has a long-standing tradition of motor-racing and proposals were made to built a complex dedicated to motorsport. The ultra-modern facility includes a multi-purpose installation, hotels, shopping areas, a sports research centre and a "Motors of Progress" Experience Park. The Motorland is situated in a hilly part of Spain offering great views of the surrounding area as well as the circuit.

Motorland Aragon

Motorland Aragon
  • First Race:2010
  • Turns:17
  • Lap Distance:5.344 km
  • Number of Laps:23
  • Race Distance:116.8 km

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