San Marino MotoGP 2021 OVERVIEW

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San Marino

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San Marino MotoGP 2021

Race profile

Originally designed in 1969, the Misano circuit consists of 16 turns in total, made up of 10 right corners and 6 left. The track has been hosting events since 1972 and has been validated for every sport competition by international organisations.

In the last two decades, continuous modifications of the circuit have ensured an increasingly efficient facility. These improvements included a new pit lane, an increase in the stand capacities, a lengthening of the track to 4.226km, a reversal of the direction of travel in accordance with MotoGP safety regulations and the addition of 17 generator-equipped light towers to enable to circuit to run competitions at night. The owners of the circuit have also invested in clean energy and have built a system which can produce electrical energy with zero emissions.

Misano Circuit

Misano Circuit
  • First Race:1972
  • Turns:16
  • Lap Distance:4.226 km
  • Number of Laps:28
  • Race Distance:118.3 km

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