Thailand MotoGP 2021 OVERVIEW

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Thailand MotoGP 2021

Race profile

MotoGP™ returns to the Chang (Buriram) International Circuit for the third Thai MotoGP Championship race in 2020. The reinvigorated circuit, designed by the famous circuit designer Herman Tilke, reopened in 2014, and held the first MotoGP championship in 2018. It has proven popular across many disciplines of motorsport, as the numerous long straights create the opportunity for riders to push the limits of their machines. The circuit itself consists of 12 corners; 5 left turns and 7 right turns, and the longest straight is over 1km, which riders approach from the exit of Turn 1, adding emphasis to the all-important start.

The Thai MotoGP was an incredible success in its debut race in 2018 and was named the best of the season by the MotoGP™ Paddock. The event at Buriram was also the best attended across the season with over 220,000 people heading to the circuit over the three days. The hot and humid weather creates punishing conditions for the teams and riders, so there is no way to predict what will happen over the race weekend.

Chang International Circuit

Chang International Circuit
  • First Race:2018
  • Turns:12
  • Lap Distance:4.554 km
  • Number of Laps:26
  • Race Distance:118.4 km

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