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Home of the iconic Waterfall at the Sachsenring

As if attacking the fast circuit at Sachsenring wasn’t tough enough, as the riders approach turn 11 at speed, they really have to show their nerve. A blind right-hander leads to the famous Waterfall corner, a steep, unsighted drop that would have anyone else clinging on for dear life.

The undulating track in eastern Germany challenges the greatest riders, and is a sight for the fans who can get closer to the action than ever. It’s a circuit that the bright-eyed riders of Moto2 and Moto3 will have to get to grips with quickly, as they support the main event.

In the German countryside, close to Leipzig, Dresden and Prague in Czechia, the fans create a party atmosphere trackside as this festival of motorsport. The race attracts huge crowds since its addition to the calendar in 1998, many of whom are eager for an escape from the city lifestyle in this traditional area of the country.

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