Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix 2021

04 06 Junprovisional
Valtteri Bottas Mercedes leads the pack at the start of the race at Baku City Circuit, the Azerbaijan F1 race track

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Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix 2021

Race profile

One of the newer street circuits on the Formula 1 calendar, Baku City Circuit is the second longest and also the narrowest track in the World Championship. Designed by circuit architect Hermann Tilke, this specially constructed 6.00km, anti-clockwise track has a total of 20 turns that loop around the city and narrow down to just 7.6m wide between the 7th and 8th turns. The track is most famous for its speed trap of a long start/ finish straight, which at 1.2km, is one of the longest straights in Formula 1. Another unique characteristic of this track is the 'dual carriageway' section between turns 6 and 7 and also from turns 19 to 20 on the other side.

Located in the heart of the vibrant capital city of Baku, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix sees Formula 1 cars twist and turn through this beautiful metropolitan city. From the 90 degree Turn 1 by the port, the cars make their way past the modern skyline, through to Baku old Town, where the track incorporates the UNESCO-protected medieval city walls at Icheri Sheher, then onto the seafront, past the stunning Caspian Sea Promenade. This unforgiving track promises to be very tricky for the drivers.

Baku City Circuit

Baku City Circuit
  • First Race:2016
  • Turns:20
  • Lap Distance:6.003 km
  • Number of Laps:51
  • Race Distance:306.049 km

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