German MotoGP 2021 OVERVIEW

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German MotoGP 2021

Race profile

The Sachsenring circuit was opened in 1927. The first time Sachsenring held a World Championship event was in 1961 and it has been hosting the MotoGP since 1998. It consists of 14 turns; 10 left corners and 4 right corners, with the longest straight measuring 0.78km. It is one of the shortest circuits in the World Championship, with a length of 2.28 miles.

The circuit is a demanding one as there are numerous uphill and downhill stretches with a gradient of up to twelve percent. The circuit was originally a street circuit however it was modified to the present day circuit in 1996.

Its famous turn 11, the quickest turn of the Grand Prix which is also known as the Waterfall, is considered to be the most problematic corner in the MotoGP. The main challenge is that it’s a right hander preceded by seven left-handers, which allows the right side of the tyre to cool down by the time riders reach the Waterfall.

Sachsenring Circuit

Sachsenring Circuit
  • First Race:1998
  • Turns:13
  • Lap Distance:3.675 km
  • Number of Laps:30
  • Race Distance:110.1 km

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