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Book F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2022 Tickets

Make the motorsport pilgrimage to F1 Spa-Francorchamps 

Every year, thousands of motorsport fans make the pilgrimage to Spa-Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix. The circuit in Spa is renowned as one of the greatest in the world, with some of the most challenging complexes for drivers in the world. None less so than Eau Rouge and Raidillon, the menacing uphill left-right flick that has intimidated drivers for decades. Or the first corner, the sharp hairpin at La Source, which has seen many drivers including Fernando Alonso airborne as the cars squeeze and jockey for position. It’s a gargantuan track that the support series for the weekend - including FIA F2 and F3 - will be out to prove themselves on over all three days of the weekend. Spa is deep within the Belgian Ardennes forest, so many fans will opt to drive to the Grand Prix weekend and camp as part of a road trip. With some of Formula 1’s most dedicated fans camping together, it makes for an unbeatable atmosphere throughout the circuit. Be prepared, though, as the weather plays a huge part at Spa where it can rain in one sector and be bone dry in another. This does, however, make for unpredictable races and has caught many of the great drivers out over the years. 

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