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Book Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix 2023 Tickets

Witness the very first race of its kind in Jeddah

As Formula 1 looks to expand its horizons across the globe, Jeddah is set to host the second Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in March. The city is home to 3.5 million people, who will welcome Formula 1 to the shores of the Red Sea.

The circuit features a variety of long straights flowing into tight corners, and promise a track like no other. It will be designed by Hermann Tilke, who has designed fan favourite like Istanbul Park, Bahrain International, Shanghai International and more. The first race in December 2021 was full of action, with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen embroiled in a petty battle as the Briton eventually took the win to tie the championship standings with one race remaining.

For fans attending the race, there’s a rich culture to explore with a mix of modern and tradition. The beautiful Al Rahma Mosque is built on reclaimed land surrounded by water and the incredible King Fahd’s Fountain is the tallest in the world, while Al-Balad and Biet Nassif are two vibrant and historic regions of the city. While we don’t know much about the track yet, the city of Jeddah alone promises an unforgettable and unique trip.

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